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  1. rararasputin

    Best Valued Headphones Thread

    Post headphones that sound like they cost twice as much as they do! Any price range is fine, just post headphones that sound significantly better than average headphones at the same price range.   I'll start, Superlux HD668B. No, it's not the best headphone ever, but holy crap does it sound...
  2. rararasputin

    List of all equipment needed for a Radio station?

    And a price estimate for it all (low endish).
  3. rararasputin


    Audiophiles: Ugh, why do all kids wear Skullcandies, do they just go for the looks and not the sound quality?   Aviators come out, with excellent sound quality from what I've heard.   Audiophiles: OMG I cant be seen wearing that ridiculous brand name & logo!!!   ...
  4. rararasputin

    Skullcandy Aviators.

    Ok.   First: I can get them for ~60$. Remember that.   Second: They actually look nice, not flash and gaudy like other Skullcandies.   Third: Lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty. I don't care about the build quality.   So, how do they compare to other ~60$...
  5. rararasputin


    Yes, I'm fully aware that Skullcandies are crap. You don't need to tell me. But which ones are the LEAST crappy? I have 90 CAD store credit, Hesh are 80, G.I. are 100, Ti are 100, Agents are 70, and Skullcrushers I can get on sale for 73. Which ones? I had Hesh before... they weren't THAT bad...