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  1. Dennis807

    are there warranty cards for sennheiser IE6, IE7 and IE8?

  2. Dennis807

    suggest me a iem case?

    hi can anyone suggest a good case for an sennheiser IE6 iems? i want to get something sturdy enough keep them. and I'm planning to get some case not the altoid tin because i also cannot find altoid candies in my country. I'm in philippines btw, and i'm eyeing the UE metal case, would it be a...
  3. Dennis807

    could an sennheiser IE6 or re0 fit these?

    could it fit this carrying case? or does anyone have a better carrying case for their iems? thanks  
  4. Dennis807

    any IE6 fakes comparison with real ones?

    are there any guides on how to spot fake IE6?
  5. Dennis807

    can you wear IE6 in the "old fashioned" way?

    what i meant was can you wear it with the cable not wrap around your ears or would you need to wear like the way it is pictured, where the wire needs to be routed above your ear first
  6. Dennis807

    are there any fake IE6?

    just as the title says i have found a seller selling these at around $110 and my search around the net did not point me to any fake IE6 so just wanted to know if there is a fake IE6 thanks guys!
  7. Dennis807

    CX 400II in the philippines and Hi to all new guy here!

    Hi guys, new guy here! I want to ask the guys here residing in phgilippines on where to get a sennheiser CX 400 II from an authorized seller and about how much would i need to shell out for those? thanks guy!