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  1. Antilochos

    Connect speakers to my amp/dac

    I use a Fostex HP-A3 amp/dac for my headphones and it works good.   But I want to connect some speakers to the HP-A3 at the same time (since it has the button to switch between source). Have not yet choose a pair of speakers, since I'm a idiot when it comes to these things; I don't know how to...
  2. Antilochos

    Weird sound problem

    I always used a FiiO E10 on my pc for my headphones (Beyerdynamics DT770 and DT990). Now I replaced the FiiO for a Fostex HP-A3.   The Fostex works great in every aspect and with every program I run on my pc, except for one particular game (Arma 3). And even with this game the sound is good in...
  3. Antilochos

    Looking for open over-ear headphones

    Hello,   I'm thinking about getting me some open over-ear headphones with a price max of € 200,-. Wich one would you guys recommend?   Thanks.
  4. Antilochos

    FiiO X1 2e gen - very late button response

    Just bought the FiiO X1 2e gen musicplayer. Or there is something wrong with my device, or FiiO did a terrible job: when I puch on the skip button, it seriously takes 20 seconds before responding. I mean like what's wrong with the thing.   Another issue; I use a 32GB card with a lot of songs...
  5. Antilochos

    Wich amp / dac to choose?

    Hi fellow Head-Fi 'ers,   I'm thinking of buying a portable amp / dac, but can't see the forest trough the trees again like we say over here. What would be a good choice?   That I look for good quality goes without saying. Besides that I don't want to spend to much on it. Think of € 100,-...
  6. Antilochos

    Go for sound card?

    Hi,   I'm thinking of getting a sound card, but not sure if it really matters for my setup/use.   I have a on board soundcard (ASRock Z68 Pro3 board) with FiiO E10 dac/amp for my Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro (80ohm) and Philips Fidelio S2. I use it to listen music and play games.   Thanks...
  7. Antilochos

    Are there any meetings in Benelux?

    Hi,   So, are there any meetings in Benelux? Or more specific, in The Netherlands?
  8. Antilochos

    New headphone or new dac/amp

    Hi, I'm new as a member, but I used this lovely site already for a long time to learn more about head-fi stuff. It also made me choose my first set: 1) Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm 2) FiiO E10   I enjoy the set and the sound it produce [using it mainly for listening to music...