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  1. jageur272

    Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 Headphones

    I have a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 headphones I would be interested in selling.   I am the first and the only owner of these magnificent headphones, and I have put around one hundred to two hundred hours over a stretch of one to two months.   The Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000...
  2. jageur272

    FS: DAC + Headphone Amp Combo Deal! Audio-GD NFB-3.1 + C-2.1 + ACSS Cables + Free Orthodynamic Headphones for only $595!

        For sale are an Audio-GD NFB-3.1 and an Audio-GD C-2.1 as well as the auxiliary power and ACSS interconnection cables.  I ordered and received both of these directly from Audio-GD in September of 2011.  Both are in like-new condition.  The only "modifications" that I made were to attach...
  3. jageur272

    FS: Headphone Amp + DAC Combo Deal! Audio-GD NFB-3.1 + C-2.1 + ACSS Cables + Free Orthodynamic Headphones for only $595!

        For sale are an Audio-GD NFB-3.1 and an Audio-GD C-2.1 as well as the auxiliary power and ACSS interconnection cables.  I ordered and received both of these directly from Audio-GD in September of 2011.  Both are in like-new condition.  The only "modifications" that I made were to attach...
  4. jageur272

    FS: SoundMAGIC PL50 In-Ear Headphone

    Part of my massive gear purge.  I almost never used these and as such, I'm selling them off.  They are in like-new condition.  Will be shipped in original packaging BUT WITH ONLY ONE SET OF TIPS (medium silicones).  Price includes shipping CONUS.
  5. jageur272

    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 Wood Headphones

    These are still in like-new condition, with absolutely no blemishes, cosmetically or functionally.  Certified "genuine and authentic" by Audio-Technica of Japan. Includes all original packaging.  CONUS shipping included in asking price.
  6. jageur272

    Sennheiser MX760 Earbuds

     In like-new condition, with absolutely no blemishes, cosmetically or functionally.  Certified to be "genuine and authentic" by Sennheiser USA. Slaughters the Yuin PK3, matches the Yuin OK2.  CONUS shipping included in price.
  7. jageur272

    Dampened Fostex T20RP (v2) Orthodynamic Headphones

    I bought these a month ago still new-in-box. I dampened them extensively but they are still in like-new condition in all other regards.  They are also resealed them inside the original packaging, so you'll essentially be receiving a brand new set of Fostex T20RP (v2) orthodynamic headphones that...
  8. jageur272

    FS: DIY SFI Orthodynamic headphone

    For sale is a Kanen KM-880 woodie with a pair of 32ohm SFI's implanted along with extensive modding including a VERY flexible silicone cable.  I'm asking $35 shipped CONUS.  The price is low because the cups were sealed using dynamat and the goop spilled over the edges a little bit (or a lotta...
  9. jageur272

    FS: Modded Kanen KM-780 Headset with AKG K501 Drivers

    For sale is a Kanen KM-780 with internal damping and AKG K501 drivers.  These were my go to headphones for gaming, but academia is a higher calling than.  I'm asking $75, less than what I paid for the drivers.  The drivers were acquired from eBay and matched another pair of 501 drivers that I...
  10. jageur272


    For sale is a RFT HOK 80-2.  I bought this from DefectiveAudioComponent back in June and I've further damped it and upgraded the pads.  The baffles are cambered (thanks to DAC).  The old link is...
  11. jageur272

    FS: ATH-AD700 - $65 CONUS

    For sale is an Audiotechnica ATH-AD700.  It is in immaculate condition, but the box unfortunately isn't.  I picked it up a while back for gaming use, but it hasn't seen much action at all since then.  Asking price is $65 shipped CONUS.  Pictures will be put up soon, I need to get my camera from...
  12. jageur272

    WTB: 2SK213 MOSFET

    As the title says, I'm looking for any quantity (preferably 3 or more) of 2SK213 MOSFETs.  I know this is a long shot, but if anybody had a few to spare, I would be more than willing to buy them.
  13. jageur272

    FS: Headphone Case (R&M Headcase) - $16 CONUS

    SOLD!   For sale is a semi-hard headphone case.  Perfect for headphones such as Grados, AKG K81's, ATH-ESW9's, ATH-ESW10's, ATH-ES10's, etc.  Features include a velcro strip for securing the cable and an internal velcro pouch for storing your DAP (mp3 player).  Don't have a camera on me, but...
  14. jageur272

    FS: 24AWG Silicone Wire (black) - 10 METERS/33 FEET - $11.70 CONUS

    For sale is 10 meters of stranded (7x.2mm) high purity copper wire insulated in silicone. I bought 20 meters of it (in 10 meter lengths) but have only used a little bit of the first 10 meters; this item will be shipped still in it's original bag. It's quite flexible, but if kinked will retain...
  15. jageur272

    FS: ART Phono Plus v2 (USB DAC/AMP) - $52 CONUS [PRICEDROP 04/28/2010]

    Full listing here:
  16. jageur272

    IC: DIY Beyer-Grado hybrid (SR-125 Drivers in DT770 Shell)

    (FIRST OFF: I'm selling these for a friend) These headphones were extensively modded/created by Nikongod. More info on these headphones can be found at this post in his original FS thread. However, they have been terminated to a 1/4" plug (unbalanced). As can be seen in the link, these are...
  17. jageur272

    SOLD: Amperex 6922 (Orange Globe) + 2 gold plated 9 pin PCB sockets

    I have an Amperex 6922 for sale; it is used but was guaranteed working to me. I, however, never got around to building that little amp I was saving this for, so I'll let it go for cheap. I have not used it myself, but I am including two 9-pin tube sockets. On the tube, I do see orange print...
  18. jageur272

    SOLD: 20AWG Litz Wire (~45 meters/150 feet)

    I have at least 45 meters/150 feet of 220/46 Litz wire (that is, 220 individually insulated strands each with a gauge of 46AWG) served in "natural silk" (or so I was told, feels more like nylon to me, but it makes no difference either way). I say at least because I started with 200 feet but only...
  19. jageur272

    FS: ART Phono Plus v2 (USB DAC/AMP) - $52 CONUS [PRICEDROP 04/28/2010]

    This is a nifty little device with a lot of input/output options (USB input and output, preamp in/out, TOSLINK in/out, S/PDIF input, and a headphone out). It serves as a standard phono preamp but also includes a useful DAC (16bit/48kHz) and includes an integrated headphone amp. Can also be used...
  20. jageur272

    SOLD: SR-60i

    Great beginner headphones. I realized that I really don't need any more [dynamic] headphones, so these are on the chopping block. I'm the second owner, but I haven't even used them for an hour. Condition is a conservative 8/10 on the Audiogon scale (I can't see any blemishes on the headphones...
  21. jageur272

    SOLD: Mini3 (requires wallwart)

    I acquired a Mini3 who's battery operation was not functioning, but was assured by the seller that it would work fine when used with a wallwart. Unfortunately, I've been much too busy to attempt to fix the battery issue and I don't have a wallwart to test it with. I'd just like to get what I...
  22. jageur272

    SENSE G1B Tube Headphone AMP/USB DAC

    Has anybody heard about this AMP/DAC? The DAC chip is really old (I'm guessing some sort of sucessor to the TDA1543 used by the VALAB DAC's). I'd like to have more details of what's inside, but for $130, it seems like a steal. Uses a 12AU7 for you tube rollers. SENSE G1B Tube Headphone...
  23. jageur272

    CLOSED: Extra DIY Cables

    SOLD!I have a number of extra cables for sale. First off is this headphone cable made of Mogami mini-starquad (W2893) with a neutrik 1/8" plug. It's about 6 feet long and here's a picture of it installed: Next up is a cable originally...
  24. jageur272

    SOLD: MS1000i + extras (trade for K501)

    For sale is a MS1000i (modded Alessandro MS-1i). I received the MS-1i from brand new in June of 2009 and performed the mods in August of that year. I loved the stock MS-1i so much I sold my Beyer DT150's. This particular pair come with a variety of special features! 1) 2 cups: - 1 open...
  25. jageur272

    CLOSED: Modded Zowie "Hammer" Headset

    For sale is a modded Zowie "Hammer" headset. I acquired it modded by ourfpshero, the originator of the "Hero Mod" for the Senn PC350. Details of the mod can be found here: Essentially, it is a driver swap. I've also dampened the...