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  1. Pamajestc

    Beyerdynamic T90 Discussion and Support Thread

    It was their bread and butter before, and was replaced by an arguably inferior version that you know today. Again, models don't always last forever. T90 can be their new bread and butter. Given some time, they'll go down in price like the T70s have, and may eventually phase out the 880s just as...
  2. Pamajestc

    Show us your tattoos

    Oh so funny,i like google
  3. Pamajestc

    AKG 701 vs 701 Quincy Jones

    I have two HD800s that sound markedly different, so I'm still not sure that they are actually different designs, but who knows.... I was never saying that I knew definitively that they were the same. What I was expressing is that AKG stated they were.
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