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  1. DaTank

    Senn HD 555 help

    Thanks for the video took them apart and could not find anything loose in them I guess it is just a blown driver. any Ideas on where I can buy a driver? Looked on ebay and on Sennheisers website. No luck in finding one yet.
  2. DaTank

    Senn HD 555 help

    Thanks for the advice any clue on how to get them apart? I don't want to just go tugging on stuff and end up breaking them for good.
  3. DaTank

    Senn HD 555 help

    Hi I recently have developed a issue with my Sennheiser HD 555s. Every time I listen to anything with a decent amount of bass or even a deep voice it my right ear seems to have some vibration in it. It sounds like there is a piece of loose plastic in it. I was wondering if y'all could help me...
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