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  1. shingo

    What DB level start to be bad for your ear on full-size headphones?

    I don't want to have earing lost, so I would like to know at what db level should you listen the music? I have a sonometer and did some test, when I listen to music, I'm at around 54DB average with peek up to 61DB. Is there a chart available to see if it's dangerous? Thank you
  2. shingo

    Are over-ear head phone suppose to actualy be over the ear?

    I have owned a few pair of over the ear head phone over the year, but I don't really see the difference between over and on the ear. Over the ear seam to be slightly larger than on the ear, but they are still not completly over. I have a pair of ear protection and they are really over the ear...
  3. shingo

    Best way to use my headphones to listen to tv ?

    I would like to use my headphones to listen to my tv in my bedroom.    The tv do not have a 3.5mm output. It has rca output and optical output, that's all.   What is the cheapest way to use my headphones?   I have a spare home theater amp but it's way too bulky.
  4. shingo

    Please choose a headphones for me

    I'm not very knowledgable concerning headphones so if some could recommend one based on my requirement it would be greatly appreciated. My current headphones that I leave at work are sony mdr-7506, I paid 55$ for the, 2 years ago. They are not that bad. Now i want a set at home mainly to...