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  1. bagofsuck

    Looking for a good set of closed cans.

    I recently made a similar thread and was recommended the dt150s for a closed can, after reading some reviews I ordered a pair and now i'm anxiously awaiting their arrival.
  2. bagofsuck

    So many options, what to buy?

    Thanks for the detailed reply coupe, after 1times reply I read some reviews on the dt150s and decided that they sounded pretty fitting and purchased a set of them waiting for them to arrive now. Currently my musc collection does consist of alot of mp3s due to a rush encoding cds before I...
  3. bagofsuck

    The Beyer DT150 Experience

    Recently purchased these headphones after some advice on here, currently waiting for them to arrive, certainly looking forward to it based on the reviews so far, just had my Audinst Hud-mx1 arrive yesterday, so will have to sufice to using that coupled with some Bx5a monitors in the meantime...
  4. bagofsuck

    So many options, what to buy?

    Thanks fot the input, i'll do abit of research on the 150s, would the DAC/amp combo I was planning on buying be sufficent to drive these?
  5. bagofsuck

    So many options, what to buy?

    Hey all, i've decided to get myself a new set of headphones and have spent the last 2 days scouring these forums for info which has been great but left me even more confused as to what headphones would best suit me, so any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I'm located in...
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