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  1. eecc17

    Pro Coppers fragility (new pictures added)

    So I got MTPG's and the left side has also come loose. Luckily I was still under the 14 day warranty from the vendor and had it replaced within 1 week.
  2. eecc17

    A tale of 2 IEM's (Montser Turbine Copper 1 vs Monster Turbine Copper 2) How different burnin techniques gave me two unique IEM's

    Hey dweaver,   Thanks for your reply to my PM. Where can I download the pink white and brown biased files?
  3. eecc17

    REVIEW: Monster Turbine Pro's

    Just got MTPG's and the supertips are awesome. I just think they're a bit stiff and if the gel was more like a foam material it would be great. The outer silicone makes it easy to clean.
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