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  1. bearbearbear

    IEMs for sleep and relaxation

    As per the title, any recommendations for flush IEMs I could use for sleeping? I’ve read some googled articles and don’t think I can go with the headbands etc. While it’s for relaxation and sleep, I care enough about it to not want something that sounds terrible. I’ve searched through the forum...
  2. bearbearbear

    Bluetooth amps vs true wireless

    My Fiio btr1 unexpectedly died yesterday, which has got me searching for new options. Top of my list are EarStudio’s ES100, and I’m gong to wait to hear about the btr3 (and 5 if they announce anything). However, it also made me wonder about true wireless options. I’ve never tried any, so would...
  3. bearbearbear

    ifi nano black label - worth the difference?

    I've been reading all the nano black label threads, and it sounds fantastic. Was a definite next purchase at some point over the next few months. Now, I've just seen the Sony PHA-1A, new for ‎£67. It's normally something like £180, which is just under the nano black label in the UK (£200, but...
  4. bearbearbear

    IEM - which sound signature matches?

    I got lost a little when researching my next purchase. Was originally meant to be a set of bluetooth IEMs, but after discovering bluetooth cables and Fiio BRT1, that just became IEMs with detachable cables/good IEMs. I can get the Shure SE215 (SPE) for around 80 USD, so was going to jump at...
  5. bearbearbear

    Information about Sony PHA-2A / 1A?

    At the moment I'm living in China and some DAC/Amps are more expensive than usual, others a lot cheaper. Two of the cheaper options are the Sony PHA-2A and 1A (even PHA-3 to an extent) but I'm struggling to find any detailed reviews at all, having searched for a while. Does anyone have...
  6. bearbearbear

    Soundmagic HP150 - replacement cable

    The cable on my lovely HP150s has broken in a few places and now that I'm looking for a replacement, I'm having a lot of trouble finding one that will work with the proprietary twist locking mechanism.   If they aren't stupidly expensive, I don't mind buying official replacement cables from...