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  1. gimble

    Cordless solder iron

    In terms of usability, having the iron reliably stay at the temperature you need >> not having a wire.
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    Cordless solder iron

    Butane irons are sort of passable for field repairs (butane over battery due to power delivery characteristics). Is that a soldering iron in your pocket? It goes well with the "pocket multimeter" and similar devices - it's a total POS for everyday use (populating PCBs), but you can pack it with...
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    Recabled phones - can "balance" be affected?

    For an ideal wire, no, that shouldn't happen. But an ideal wire is just an equipotential which perfectly connects two points in a circuit without otherwise perturbing the circuit characteristics. Real wires are nothing like that, although they're usually close enough if you don't push it.  ...
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    Starquad rewire

    Speaking of, was there a consensus on double grounding with the fourth channel when using Star Quad?
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    DIY Optical Audio Attenuators?

    Quote: No, no they're not.   On the other hand, you might want to google a bit and find out what an optical attenuator is before you go assuming that it's something to rewrite the amplitude information on an optical SP/DIF signal. This is actually a stand-in for the usual volume...
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    Are Fluke multimeter units sold in Ebay legitimate?

    Calibration is a paid service.   It's also sort of moot for a lot of DIY stuff.
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    A thread for my sex amp

    Where does one buy this blue tape, and by how many milliawesomes can I expect it to improve my existing amp? Also, does it work on IEMs?
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    Cmoy build (first time) uneven voltages

    "My circuit isn't doing what I expected it to, but I triple-checked the schematic / got it from a reliable source!"   Cont test time. Make sure the physical circuit matches the schematic.
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    best op-amp for single 9v CMOY

    Quote: That's an entirely different discussion. You should probably look at this page. It's old and not at all exhaustive, but it will get you started.
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    Leather earpad became hard

    There are cleaners and oils designed to restore leather (shoes, gloves, etc.) which would probably work fine. Use it sparingly and start with an out of the way spot to test it.
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    Mini3 Gain

    Don't overspec gain, it's not free.   Through-hole resistors are also kinda easy to desolder if you need to up the gain later.
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    best op-amp for single 9v CMOY

    Quote: The one that's in front of me for lunch when I missed breakfast.   Okay, maybe that solution is a bit zen. It works for CMoys too though - "the one you're happy with."
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    best op-amp for single 9v CMOY

    "Best" is such a vague word.
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    diy equalizer? how?

    Quote: Keep in mind that if you want this, the relevant factor is Vpp and not Vrms or any other integrated value.
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    diy equalizer? how?
  16. gimble

    Various questions about Cmoy headphones amplifier

    Try Futurlec for protoboard.  
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    It's a question of gain...

    Sounds like it would be moderately easy to test on a case-by-case basis since the main requirement is a gain 5 CMoy with an IC socket. A function generator & oscilloscope wouldn't hurt to confirm that the output is similar (noting that drive power is still a bit of an elephant in the room).  ...
  18. gimble

    It's a question of gain...

    The question has everything to do with clipping. The only way what you said will happen is if you oversaturate the op-amp.   Otherwise it will reproduce the signal as best as it can given its slew rate and so forth - which is overspec for audio frequencies. Op-amp suitability for audio...
  19. gimble

    It's a question of gain...

    As far as I know, only if you have an input signal with Vpp high enough that the gain oversaturates the op-amp and causes clipping. There are probably other characteristics at work. "Dynamic range" is mainly relevant if we're talking about recording or compression.   If you're listening with...
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    anyone else feel kind of dirty looking at this?

    No, but you should totally feel bad for posting an out-of-focus pic.
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    first project, questions about soldering supplies

    That would do it...wrong environment.   On the other hand, it might be a good idea for me to look into that then organize something on campus. Technicians are hardly the only ones who could benefit.
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    first project, questions about soldering supplies

    Quote: Some of those URL texts look fairly interesting, but many go to 404s...   Also, I'm not sure there is such a thing as formal training for soldering. I hang around with EEs all day, and pretty much everyone I know taught themselves, picked it up through a friend or mentor, or...
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    Best Wire for IEMs

    There's more of a learning experience to be had from other types of interconnects. IEMs have specialized problems.
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    Best Wire for IEMs

    I think you can actually get "replacement" IEM cables from Sennheiser for about the same price as cheap earbuds, except you get a cable intended for their higher-end models which is nice and flexible and has been coated to nuke microphonics.   If you try this, do let me know how it works out...