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  1. AnkusSteak

    Four choices of DAC/amps... which would you pick?

    I've been shopping around for a DAC/headphone amp setup. My source is my laptop (foobar w/ WASAPI) and I'm going to be driving my Grado sr325is. My goal is to compromise as little as possible with DAC quality with a $500 budget, but as I will have no cash left over for a headphone amp I need a...
  2. AnkusSteak

    AKG K701 w/ Zero DAC - Opinions?

    First post!   I found head-fi back when I was in high school. Now I'm in college, have some money, and knew exactly where to go for suggestions on how to squander it.   I've been shopping around for headphones, and so far I've really liked the AKG K701. I've heard thought that some...