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  1. Osga

    Choosing the right equipment

    I'm looking to upgrade my computer sound experience by connecting both my stereo speaker setup and headphones to the same PC but I am unsure as to what kind  of equipment I need. I have lurked in the forums but am still unsure.   I am using Monitor Audio speakers and Advance Acoustic map-105...
  2. Osga

    Need advice choosing best headphones ~70euro

    sennheiser HD 439 Sennheiser HD449 Superlux 668b Superlux 330 Superlux 681 evo JVC HA-RX900 /700 Audio Technica ath-m30 Sennheiser HD 518   First of all the cheaper the better. All of sennheiser are ususally way over my budget but I have found them for around 30euro less than...