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  1. Aleatoire

    Etymotic HF5 or Brainwavz B2

    Hi there, I'm finding it very hard to choose between the Etymotic HF5 and Brainwavz B2 IEMs. They both seem to fit my needs perfectly sound signature wise, I just don't know whether the B2's are worth the extra $30. From what I understand the B2's sound marginally better than the HF5's but the...
  2. Aleatoire

    Klipsch X10, Etymotic HF5, Sony XBA-20 or Shure SE215?

    Hi there, I'm after some new in-ears and I'm wanting some opinions on the choices listed in the title. They're all a similar price on Amazon so it's really down to preference. Which would you go with and why?   Thanks for your help.   Edit: Also, can anyone confirm the reliability of...