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  1. yokihello

    Getting into quality hardware, help with pocket amp/ dac

    Hi!    I've just decided to buy the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros, and am looking at headphone amps under $100.  So far I've liked what I've heard about the Pocket Amp 2, and Fiio e10.    IDEALLY, I would like a dac/ HP amp all in one. But I'm sure this results in some sort of quality...
  2. yokihello

    HELP DECIDING BETWEEN BRANDS Newbie.. require opinion :)

    Hello!  I've tucked some money away for a 'decent' pair of headphones and would love some advice.. I've narrowed it down to three. I listen to a lot of indie rock & electronic (stuff like Jack White, Arcadefire, Knife Party..)   Here are the three, and they're respective prices. If you...