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  1. rahxfeng

    Which dap should I get for W4R and IE80?

    Hi, I am looking for a DAP for my W4R and IE80. I don't have much experience with the DAP. I currently use my iphone or macbook pro as my source. The macbook pro headphone output sounds pretty good to me.   I want to find somethings that sounds at least as good as my macbook pro. Any...
  2. rahxfeng

    my ie8 is dead need advice to get new one

     The left ear tip sleeve tube of my ie8 broke. I don't know how it could happen.It seems that it is difficult to fix by glue. Do you have the same experience before?I found some posts that complain se530 and um have the same problem (easy to break).      Until it is fixed i need another pair...
  3. rahxfeng

    B&W P5 cable

    Do anyone know where can i get replaceable cable for it? It is so fine...