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  1. Hobgoblinpie

    AKG K550 *Price Drop*

    I'm putting these up for sale because I don't use them any longer. I braided the cable to make it more manageable, but the braiding is not tight - to avoid damaging it. I will be happy to undo the braid, should the buyer prefer it. There are some small cosmetic marks to the casing, but these do...
  2. Hobgoblinpie

    iBasso DX50 - UK/Europe - Price Drop

    TL;DR: All original accessories, UK Shipping included, Europe shipping adds £3, PayPal fees included.   As I have upgraded to a DX90, my DX50 will not be used anymore, so I have decided to sell it.    It is a great little player, and has offered me serious enjoyment. It is a shame that I...
  3. Hobgoblinpie

    Fiio E11 - UK/Europe - You pay for shipping only

    This is a heavily used Fiio E11, with large blemishes in the plastic from where the colour has faded. It does however still work. It does not include bands or an interconnect, but these can be picked up relatively cheaply on eBay or from Fiio. It also does not include a Mini USB cable, but I...
  4. Hobgoblinpie

    JDS Labs C5 - Price Drop

    Attention International Buyers: Shipping is not included in the price (The price for the amp drops to £105), as it will require a quote. Be aware that you are likely to have to pay customs and duty on this item (except EU).   This is a great portable headphone amplifier, and a great match in...
  5. Hobgoblinpie

    Need recommendations for a portable player - £100 - £225 ($150 - $350)

    I have owned a Fiio J3 since a few months after it first launched. It has served me well, and I love its sound signature. It has not died yet, but I feel after 3 years and a few months that it is due for an upgrade. The reason I'm looking to upgrade is that I recently upgraded the amp I use to...