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  1. garytonsley

    Bluetooth in-ear earphones recomnendation

    Hi,   I am looking for some recommendations and I really hope someone could help. I would be really grateful.   Budget of £100 GBP   I am looking for wireless [Bluetooth] in-ear earphones with a microphone. I will be doing light work out while wearing these.   What are my best options...
  2. garytonsley

    Bluetooth stereo headset

    Thanks for your reply.   Have you got the model numbers? I have been searching the internet for ages and I just can't seem to find a decent pair of Bluetooth headphones that have decent-ish sound, and decent-ish call quality.   Thanks. Gary
  3. garytonsley

    Bluetooth stereo headset

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent Bluetooth headset that I can listen to music and make/receive telephone calls. I've seen these Motorola S-11 Flex HD Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones, but they haven't got very positive reviews. I'm in the UK. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Gary
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