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  1. readux

    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    Thanks for the additional input Skullar and bigjako, makes this decision a lot easier. I'll be going with the Dyson cable and be ordering the Teaks soon! Appreciate your time phthora
  2. readux

    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    That's great to hear. I don't plan on mistreating them or tossing them around, but the internet had me believing that it would fall apart even if I treated them really well — glad to learn this isn't the case. What cable do you prefer using with your Teaks? Thanks again
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  4. readux

    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    Can anyone comment on the durability of these? I've done a lot of research and it appears these aren't that durable, and because of that I'm on the fence with purchasing the Campfire Cascades instead (in spite of knowing that I prefer the sound sig of the Teaks). Am I worrying too much? I'd...
  5. readux

    Shure SE 425 Mini Review

    I've used these headphones for over 100 hours already and are definitely already burned in.   Overall these are extremely balanced headphones, the most notable thing is that the bass is very accurate, however very tight. I can't help but feel that the bass response is a little bland, it's...
  6. readux

    Shure SE 425 Mini Review

    Right now I've been listening to a heavy amount of Drum and Bass, which works great with the shures because of the clean high end and tight yet thumpy low end kickdrums.   others in a non specific order: progressive rock house underground hip hop electro fidget rock dubstep  
  7. readux

    Shure SE 425 Mini Review

    I consider myself a novice among the rest of you, as I've only listened through a handfull of headphones.   As a listener to the more mainstream genres, I had some doubts getting these headphones as they were often labeled as "flat" and "analytical".   However I can't describe how amazing...
  8. readux

    Sound quality between single and double drivers

    Thanks   I've already made the purchase for a pair of SE425s! Getting them in a day and really pumped to test them out
  9. readux

    Sound quality between single and double drivers

    Hmm is it really that small of a increase? 5% seems ridiculous for the 100% price increase
  10. readux

    Sound quality between single and double drivers

    Hey Head fi!   Just started using this site and lovin the community. I'm pretty new to the IEM scene as I've only owned the shure SE210 which to me sounded great, but as many people on the site say there is much more out there to be heard. I've been planning on buying the SE425s since...
  11. readux

    Difference between Ultimate Ears 700 and Shure SE 425

    I know these two iems are pretty different, however they both have 2 drivers and are vastly different in pricing   I was wondering if the price difference is worth it? Any opinions on either of the phones? Thanks! by the way these are going to be my first decent iems, last ones were SE...
  12. readux

    FS: UE Super Fi 5 PRO - [$75+shipping]

    what color are they? email me at
  13. readux

    FS: UE super fi 5 pro

    what color are they? Could you send some pics to   Thanks!
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