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  1. mjscall

    HD 25 spare parts?

    I've had a look and I can only see the earcups available with with the driver in   is there anywhere i can just get the plastic part or is the design all one piece?
  2. mjscall

    purchased akg 701 + fiio e12, what's my next move?

    I run my Q701's with an e17/e09k and they are great
  3. mjscall

    hd25-1 impressions thread

    Just got some of these and I love them so far :)
  4. mjscall

    Decent travel headphones (probably on ear)

    Thanks for the ideas   Will let you know how I get on :)
  5. mjscall

    Roll Call for Team AKG

    Q701's and Q350's 
  6. mjscall

    AKG 1/4" screw on adapter (where can I get one?)

    Yeah sorry I should have specified better   I'm in the UK though so might need to order a few to qualify for international delivery :)   thanks though, now I know that the Shure ones fit it will make my searching easier
  7. mjscall

    AKG 1/4" screw on adapter (where can I get one?)

    I lost mine in a house move and now I can't find one to replace it with!   I wish AKG just had these parts on their site!   I nearly ordered a set of K430 just to get the adapter, but looks like that is just a push on rather than screw on :(   any ideas?   I've sent them a mail...
  8. mjscall

    Decent travel headphones (probably on ear)

    I'm looking for some half decent headphones to use on holiday.   I've got some Q701's for home use that I already have a Fiio E17 for, so don't mind having to use an amp with them.   I have been toying between a few options for a new set:   1) An almost throw-away set that look cool...
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