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  1. cravenz

    Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 Review (caution: long read).

    (caution: this is a long review (I know this because I just typed it out in Word and it spanned 7 pages!)   I think this is a long awaited review of the 1Plus2s. I've had the stock cable for some time, but of late, I've had the new upgrade cable. I've had them for little over a week now (two...
  2. cravenz

    Singapore Meet - 7 September 2013.

    As the title says really. Just figuring out if anyone is interested in this, meeting other people etc and having a chat with local head-fiers who have the same hobby etc.    Let me know what you think, and I'll edit this post as we go along.    As it stands, there is no fixed place or...
  3. cravenz

    Portability? The next step after my IE8s? (long post).

    Caution: this is a long post, so if skim it if you can't bear with it! Apologies in advance.   Well...where do I start with this? I've been on a little adventure the past week or two trying to figure out where I should go next. Sometimes, I feel like I'm no nearer to deciding what is my next...
  4. cravenz

    WTB: Heir Audio 8.A

    Just seeing if there is anyone interested in selling their unit (may only have this up for a day) as I may plunge for something else as it stands, but if this is available, I'll have a think about it.   Let me know (but please, only if you are serious about selling); and the damage on them. ...
  5. cravenz

    Review of the e13ctron hybrid (iPhone) case, leaf skin (backing), SGP oleophobic screen protector and Lucky Labs Spectra Wrap.

    I apologise as this will be a rather long post as it contains a review on 4 different iPhone products, but I didn't want to create separate threads for each. On top of that, I'm not even sure if this belongs here. I thought because I had done the review, I might as well share it with you guys as...
  6. cravenz

    Dear Mr Hicks (A Hollywood director's effort on Liverpool Football Club's plight)

    I hope this doesn't contravene anything, but if there are any Liverpool fans out there, I just thought I'd share this video. It's aimed at awareness and though it's not much, but it's an effort and hopefully it brings all us Liverpool fans together. I really really hope we get back on track, I...
  7. cravenz

    Unique Melody in Australia!

    It looks like we finally have a distributor in Australia for custom IEMs! Thought I'd post this for Australians out here who are looking for an alternative in customs and even for re-shelling our own IEMs. It's certainly nice to have this option around now and what seems great is that we have a...
  8. cravenz

    IE8 issues; advice requested.

    Alright. My IE8s were fine up till now when I recently tried using it with the HDP; I think I'm going to have warranty issues with Sennheiser due to the fact that I probably don't have my warranty/receipt (will be attempting to locate it). Even then, I'm not sure I have a 2 year warranty. I'm...
  9. cravenz

    FS: Comply T-400 (Grey)

    Well, it's not really sale sale cos' I'm just giving them away. I don't have any use for them, so if there is someone out there who has a better need for them, let me know. Assuming shipping isn't more than 5 bucks on my end, I'm willing to ship them off for free. But if you want to pay for the...
  10. cravenz

    Perth, Western Australia July 24th Meet Impressions

    We just had our meet a few hours back, thought I'd try and get this thread up and running before hand and type up something.   Again, thanks everyone for coming. Will reserve the next two posts for pics (didn't take proper ones unfortunately) and comments.   Also, thanks Fred_fred2004...
  11. cravenz

    most fun/musical headphones?

    would love to hear what everyone thinks is the most fun set of cans out there that suits their individual preference. Price is a non-factor so it doesn't matter if it's a $50, $200 or $1,000 set of cans that gets you buzzing. This to me, is purely about going back to the basics of enjoying...
  12. cravenz

    Notification via being "quoted"

    Hi,   I was just wondering if we could have a notification feature whenever we are quoted within a thread we have posted in as it's difficult to keep track of threads that we have posted in or to refer back and skim through many pages.   I'd love to see this in addition to any new posts...
  13. cravenz

    DAC advice requested!

    I'm trying to think of a way to phrase this the whole question as succinctly as possible, but knowing my own self, that is unlikely.   Alright. I'm really looking at a nice desktop DAC so to speak. I've done a fair amount of reading and to be honest, I've made little or no head way towards...
  14. cravenz

    An honest, non-technical Sennheiser IE8 review.

    This is my first review on Head-fi and till this day I do not possess the audio vocabulary that many others on this forum have and for that very reason, I will try to keep in simple here. This was at that point in time and still remains, my only foray into the higher-end universal IEM category...
  15. cravenz

    24th July Perth, Western Australia

    Just checking to see how many Perth people are around and if you'd be interested in a get together. Doesn't have to be a full scale meet, but just throwing the idea up there seeing that the other states are all getting together...grr...   location has not been confirmed and suggestions are...
  16. cravenz

    WTB: k702

    looking for the above me offers :)   muchos gracias
  17. cravenz

    amp for the k70x

    hey guys,   I've read loads of the topics on this already and the suggestion seems to be a toss up between the heed canamp and the dv 336se (i think) and now la figaro; that or the woo audio, but that's just beyond my budget and even the heed is a tad far-fetched.   firstly, would anyone...
  18. cravenz

    WTB K702/1 new or mint condition

    As per the thread topic title. Just PM me any offers. I will be looking to have it shipped to Singapore or Australia. Pictures would be useful if the cans are not new. Cheers.
  19. cravenz

    WTB: Head-Direct EF1 or equivalent for K702 usage.

    As the thread topic says. I'm looking to have it shipped to Singapore as I will be there over the holidays, unless you are in Australia, then you can always ship it there as well. That being said, I'm free to hear out recommendations, but I've got a max budget of 250 and I really would like...
  20. cravenz

    Should I upgrade from the HD555s?

    Hi guys, I'm currently not doing much with my pair of cans at the moment and to a certain extent, I'm thinking of upgrading. The only problem is that I already have my IE8s and if I'm not wrong, I read somewhere that they were pretty much similar in sound signature to the 650 and 600s...
  21. cravenz

    CB03 or other LODS; how's the performance?

    I just ordered in the CB03 from iBasso to work with the D10, I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding different LOD usage and whether the LOD provided by iBasso was good enough or should I be looking at other models? Cheers
  22. cravenz

    Optical audio out from PS3 to connect to USB sound system??

    as the thread title suggests; is there a way to connect out from the PS3 to my USB speakers? I don't wanna run the 3.5mm headphone jack cos that would just result in way too much loss of audio quality.
  23. cravenz

    Recommendations for built-in DAC and speaker combo for a laptop and headphones

    Hi guys, I listen to most of my audio via my laptop; and movies through my PS3 and Samsung 5 series LCD TV. Phones wise, I'm using Sennheiser IE8s and the HD 555s. What I'd like to know is if any of you had any input as to whether I should get a dedicated DAC? Ideally as the topic name...