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  1. Jtsessions

    Upmixing stereo to 5.1/7.1 with sound cards

    Hello,   Totally new to the audio scene with a quick question that I'm having trouble finding an answer to.   If I have were to buy a soundcard that "supports 7.1", like the Asus ROG Phoebus, then connected a set of headphones (Sennheiser 598's are what I'm looking at) that are stereo, I...
  2. Jtsessions

    Interested in adding another dimension to my PC gaming/music

    Hello, all!   I'm a long-time gamer with a fairly high-end gaming PC. I listen to a lot of music as well, and I'm interested in looking at sound equipment to bring out another dimension in my games and better appreciate my music.    Currently, I'm running:   i5 3570k EVGA GTX 670 FTW 4gb...
  3. Jtsessions

    Advice on audio components for a preexisting build?

    Hello!   I'm posting to ask for advice on a headset and possibly a soundcard. I'm big into gaming, but I listen to a bit of music and watch some movies too, and I've got a pretty nice build and headset now but have had trouble figuring out what I should do and know very little about sound...