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  1. xero7ven

    I want to move up from Brainwavz M1s. Help.

    I want to purchase a new pair of IEMs, but I want them to be the next step up from the M1s. I listen to internet radio(pop and country station) and occasionally mellow out with techno music. So I want something that sounds good, but also can hit some bass when I need it to. Do you have any...
  2. xero7ven

    Are there fake FiiO e6 amps out there?

    I recently purchased a FiiO e6 from Amazon and I believe it is a fake. But, I am not sure. The printing on the package looks sloppy and the chrome corner of the unit has what looks like air bubbles or rough plastic in the paint. Has anyone seen fakes of this unit? Or is this how the FiiO e6 is...
  3. xero7ven

    I am looking for the next step up from KSC75.

    I have a pair of Koss KSC75 I wear at work, but I want to move up a little. I listen to Internet radio (such as Metric, Kings of Leon, Daft Punk, Beastie Boys, etc.) from a MacBook Pro. I am looking at NE-6M and RE2, but wanted to see if there are others I am missing out on. Price needs to be...
  4. xero7ven

    Hi! I am a looking for a pair of cans to replace my broken Bose® Around-Ear Headphones

    I had a pair of Bose® Around-Ear Headphones that I received free from a golf event, but recently my wife broke them. (grrrr....) So now I am looking for some headphones that can replace them. I am looking for some in the $50-$125 range. I use them mostly for Netflix watching on the laptop and...