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  1. ZeitiaX

    RockBox For HiFiman HM601 and for HM801

    For some reason, this method does not work for Win7 x64 systems. It will report the driver as being not x64 compatible. Anyone else tried and have the same problem as me?
  2. ZeitiaX

    How To: Installing and Uninstalling Rockbox to the HiFiMAN HM-801, 603, 602 and 601.

    Same thing applies to me, my PC does not recognise the player when I connect the player to the PC through usb.   I tried searching for drivers, and including attempting to install the drivers manually using the ones in the toolsv2, apparently nothing works.   Any help asap is very much...
  3. ZeitiaX

    DIYMod - No power / Blank screen?

    Hi, recently I've got interested in modding and after discussions with my friends, I've decided to try out my own mod for iPod Video 5.5g.   But, apparently, soon after I finished modding, the iPod screen went blank. I tried disassembling and reassembling, I managed to get it work... for...
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