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  1. taoybb

    Fostex HP-A8 with HD800 or get mjolnir?

    Hello, I have a question. Currently i'm using HD800 with Fostex HP-A8 DAC/AMP and i'm happy with it but now I'm thinking if I get Schiit Mjolnir and use HP-A8 as a DAC will I get an impressive improvement? I don't found anyone compare these. What will it sound like? Thanks you and sorry for bad eng
  2. taoybb

    Any good japanese Headphone amp ?

    Sorry if i post in wrong place or if this was discussed. And yes sorry about bad eng too (Or Accessories) I just planned to go to travel to japan on 17 June so i heard that japanese branded there are cheaper around 20-50%. Now i'm doing a research which amp (or any accessories)should i carry...