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  1. BillC

    Font that includes Headphone symbol?

    I'm not sure the proper forum to ask this but the Head-fi community seems like the place to ask. This relates to a portable audio device so I dropped it here: I have a friend who is building a portable audio device. He's looking for a font that includes a headphone symbol. Anyone know of one...
  2. BillC

    Free Streaming Classic Rock Shows

    I've got no affiliation with the website but this is pretty amazing: From the website: Bill Graham and his concert promotion company, Bill Graham Presents, produced more than 35,000 concerts all over the world. His first venue, the legendary Fillmore...
  3. BillC

    Battery for MiniDAC

    I finally bit the bullet and ordered an Apogee MiniDAC - should be here tomorrow! Now I'm trying to choose a battery to go with it. I've done searches here and have seen people using a lot of different approaches. Apogee recommends a $170 EcoCharge Lead-Acid Rechargeable. Someone here was...
  4. BillC

    What do I give up with the MicroDAC?

    I'm starting to lust for a DAC, preferably one with USB connectivity. The Headroom MicroDAC is enticing because of it's pricepoint. But I don't want to buy something and then have the urge to upgrade right away. So I'm also looking at something like the Apogee MiniDAC. Can someone who has heard...
  5. BillC 5 Pro Foam Tips

    Anyone know how to get some replacement foam tips for the 5 Pros other than the UE website? Shipping for one $20 pack of foamies is $15 :-(