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  1. goldenear

    Emerson Lake and Palmer

    I still love my ELP and Moody Blues. Heck, if ELP got Hendrix on board as rumored, they would have been easily the best group ever.
  2. goldenear

    Name one Tull Album

    Aqualung. You shouldn't dismiss it just because it's common. It's "common" for a damn good reason. I think it's one of the best if not the best albums Tull put out.
  3. goldenear

    Curve R.I.P.

    I like Curve but they're no PJ Harvey. PJ is many levels above Curve.
  4. goldenear

    Traffic co-founder/drummer Jim Capaldi died. RIP I'm really bummed.
  5. goldenear

    I just bought a cd for $7 worth $99 on amazon

    zowie, you are correct, supply and demand is also a huge factor. I didn't want to leave my post saying the shills are the sole purpose of higher prices but I was disrupted. Again like you said, if the cd gets a good plug in a publication that too can also spike the price up a lot, but these...
  6. goldenear

    Doors Sound Very Different on Vinyl

    They remaster the cd's with alot of channel seperation to satisfy the anal retentive "stereo" buffs who only say a record is stereo when there is noticeable seperation. I appologize to the "anal retentive stereo buffs" out there.
  7. goldenear


    Quote: Originally Posted by Aman Appreciate all of the excellent posts here guys! I actually only listen to Vinyl records, so I'll be heading out to my local store to purchase Closer to the Edge some time in the near future. Thanks again guys!! I have a perfect original...
  8. goldenear

    What are you listening to _right now_#3?

    "Greendale" by Neil Young for the 100th time...keeps getting better!!!!
  9. goldenear


    Here's my top 3 fav's. Very Best is "Yes Album" Best is "Close to the Edge" Great but not least is "Fragile"
  10. goldenear

    How do you store your cd´s??

    My vintage Napa Valley 200 CD carousel I got at Goodwill for $6. I don't think I have ever owned more than 200 CD's at any given time so it works out well.
  11. goldenear

    Lark's Tongues in Aspic What's up with this HDCD? Did they stop producing them cause I just check'd CD Universe and others and they don't have it any longer. I bought mine about 7 months back at Circuit City and come to think of it I haven't seen it there either.
  12. goldenear

    The Doors

    Hi eyeteeth, Thanks for your info and thoughts about this box set. I'll keep my eyes out for it on my rounds doing end of year shopping though I'll probably wind up buying it online cause I have rotten luck finding something I want on the spot at the brick and mortars.
  13. goldenear

    The Doors

    I was thinking about getting their Complete Studio Recordings box set as a way to get a better sound than the older releases. Anyone know if they will be releasing their first 4 albums remastered? If you have this box set let me know what you think of it.
  14. goldenear


    You have the jist of it. I don't think a closed type headphone can produce any meaningfull soundstage though. Or can they?
  15. goldenear

    U2's New Album

    Vertigo is a great tune. I'm not sure an entire CD with similar "vertigo" tunes would be in line of anything U2 has put out. If Eno was part of the team then you know there will be variations of musical style on the CD. Achtung Baby was my last U2 purchase back in the early 90's. Eno and Bono...
  16. goldenear

    Need phones around $100 reconmendation

    Quote: Originally Posted by PGK No Amp, going directly into a receiver. It's a present so he would want something new. Senn HD280pro. New for $70 at many different places.
  17. goldenear

    First Real Headphones for College Student, advice please

    You didn't tell us what format you'll be listening to. If you want it for MP3's or the other portable digital formats, the SD280pro's are out of the question cause they are very accurate reproducers.
  18. goldenear

    Senn HD280 Pro-new $69 on eBay!

    Quote: Originally Posted by appar111 They should-- I've never had a problem with pricematching at GC. I'm kind of pissed at Guitar Center. They charged me $89.99 + tax for my HD280pro's. What do I do? Take them back or go and tell them that they are selling for $69.99 at Etronics?
  19. goldenear

    So i want to buy the Sennheiser 280Pro's...

    I bought my 280pro's cause I listen at home, with a pretty good source(NAD T532) and a pretty good receiver(Nakamichi Receiver 3) as my amp. I am thrilled with it's performance so far. Yes, the CD's and LP's that I own that are not as well recorded aren't as enjoyable to listen to, but since...
  20. goldenear

    speaker cables

    You don't need expensive name brand wire. Buy 10-14 Gauge speaker wire from Home Depot or Radio Shack and get some solderless twist on connectors and you'll be all set.
  21. goldenear

    For all the burn-in skeptics

    We all know that regular good quality semi-audiophile home audio speakers need a certain amount of break-in time so headphones should benifit in the same way. I remember when I first bought my Monitor Audio B2's they sounded OK but with the recommended break-in period that really started to...
  22. goldenear

    Closed headphones for under $140?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gremlin I hate one note thumpy bass, but I like a good kick track as much as the next guy. There is nothing lacking in the HD 280 bass response unless you require subwoofer like performance. The bass is there, it's clean AND it goes very deep. We are talking...
  23. goldenear

    do others feel the current prices of cd's are too expensive?

    I think new CD's at $15+ a pop is too damn expensive. I don't care about it being the same price as when CD's first appeared or not. Everybody nowadays has a cd player and it has become a commodity. New CD's should be selling for no more than $8 a pop. Now, I have dusted off my old record...
  24. goldenear

    Pink Floyd.... wow just wow....

    If you want to get a real grasp of the birth of Pink Floyd and the subsequent re-birth I suggest "Relics". It is a best of, sort of, of their early work. It is the only "best of" Pink Floyd I would get. I have it in my collection as well. Welcome Pink Floyd newbies.
  25. goldenear

    The Roots - *The Tipping Point*

    I've got Do You Want More!?!?. Its the one and only Roots cd I own. Its very good and probably I dare to say their best. I won't chance buying any other Roots cd's anytime soon cause It'll probably pale in comparison.