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    terra27 sold his terelink x2, great item and fast shipping, thanks a lot and will do business again.
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    I bought hd650 drivers from shizdan. in like new condition as promised, will do business again, thanks a lot!
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    For Sale Sennheiser HD 650

    still available?
  4. zqcolor

    USB soundcard

    try onkyo se-u55 or creative extergy2, if you use windows 2000, I remember they do not require drivers, correct me if I am wrong se-u55's thd is very low
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    FS: hd497 Sennheiser

    Sorry not to reply the emails for I just back from several months trip, the headphone still there without using.
  6. zqcolor

    WTB: Koss KSC-35

    I also looking ksc-35, but only can find it on with 29.99, so I have jumped in, maybe helpful to you
  7. zqcolor

    discount from idealsound?

    I have bought a lot from ecost, good except the >$4.95 shipping and handling fee which is a problem if you buy not so much. sometimes, they have good price, but this fee kill the deal. So I search other souces like or amazon then to the ecost in the last.
  8. zqcolor

    Koss Portapro 2 for $20!

    thanks a lot, I have got my from again, the price is 34.63, though there is 10% off in the, I can not use it for I have used it before. 10% off or 10 off 75 link, hope you guys can use it Coupons - $10 off $75 coupon and 10% off coupon YMMV Updated 5-6-04 Coupons good...
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