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  1. cicatrize

    Portable DAC/amp combo for laptop + DT880

    I'm trying to figure out what's the best amp/DAC combo I can buy for $100-$150 for my needs. I currently have a Fiio E9 for my desktop where I do all my production, but I'd like something portable to use with my ultrabook on the go from time to time. Here are my needs:   1. It has to drive my...
  2. cicatrize

    Looking for some (very) low budget closed cans for work.

    Hello, head-fi! I've been a lurker here for years and never signed up, but have received some good advice from others' questions in the past. :)   I'm looking for some closed cans for listening at work. I'd like something around $25, but might be willing to go as high as $50 if it's really...