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  1. prona

    Shure warranty

    Quote: Originally Posted by 1983leofender hi can i ask if will shure accept warranty if u have no receipt? but it is bought within the 2 years. Yes, my e2c's broke last month. I emailed them with the number on the e2c plug, explaining my problem and telling her that I bought them...
  2. prona

    Another HD600 Grills + HD650 Cable Thread D=

    I called up Sennheiser USA and ordered my grills about a week or so ago and I've just gotten an email saying that they have shipped. When I first called and ordered, they said both the grills and the cables were backordered. From the email, I'm assuming that it means they had them in stock just...
  3. prona

    Static with TBAAM?

    Don't use the TBAAM drivers. Just use the default Windows USB Audio driver. When you plug it in, Windows should automatically recognize it as a USB soundcard.
  4. prona

    FS: AKG K501's (like new, just burned-in)

    Oh man. If only I had more than $66.38 in my account...Somebody buy these before I take start taking out loans for headphones
  5. prona

    HD580 pad substitute?

    Geez! What a steal. Congrats! I've got the 600 grills and the 650 cables coming soon. Anyone know to replace the grill and the cables? I tried tugging on the cables and they wouldn't budge.
  6. prona

    HD580 pad substitute?

    Well I found some extra foam lying around, a thin needle, and some black string. I opened up the cushions and stuffed some of the extra foam beneath the old foam and then stitched it back up. Much better now! Although, now that the drivers are further away from my ears, they sound less forward...
  7. prona

    HD580 pad substitute?

    Okay, C-stock? Well, if it's going to be that expensive, I might as well try to stuff some extra foam into the pads and then stitch them back up. Not much to lose, right?
  8. prona

    WTB Cmoy

    For 50, I hear the PA2V2's are pretty nice
  9. prona

    AKG K501 love...

    Quote: Originally Posted by cychen888 Does anyone know where I can find the $99 deal for K501? I tried a lot of websites selling AKG headphones but none of them has K501 these days.... Also I checked with zZounds and they told me this product is no longer available.... The...
  10. prona

    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    Since the A130's barely isolate, I just said 'ta hell with it!' and popped a bunch of holes into the backs. Okay. Here it is: Open A130's: The difference is very noticeable, although not night and day. It still retains the same sound signature. More airy definitely. However, it...
  11. prona

    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    Quick suggestion for A130 owners who find the highs a little too painful: Open up the headphones and stuff a few sheets of toilet paper behind the driver. The more you add, the more it tames and soaks up the treble. I added 3 sheets of the finest and softest multi-layer Charms TP. It's MUCH...
  12. prona

    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    Kramer, have you opened up your a/250's? If so, do their drivers look similar (or exactly) like the a/130s?
  13. prona

    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    Internals of an A/130 to compare with the Optimus. (NOT a KSC75 driver).
  14. prona

    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    It's quite simple really. Separate the drivers from the headband. After gently pulling off the pads, you should see 4 screws. Just simply unscrew them and separate the driver and the enclosure. Then apply tak. I like to apply small thin pieces in a circular pattern until it is covered. Then I...
  15. prona

    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    Some pics of the operation!
  16. prona

    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    My A130's are coming today! I'll proceed to burn it in with some loud bassy electronica and rock!
  17. prona

    WTB: KOSS A250

    The A130 is pretty much the same as the A250 but closed rather than open. Some people say that they prefer the A130 over the A250. There are still a bunch of those left, so if I were you, I'd grab one! Can't go wrong with a good set of closed cans for 35 shipped.
  18. prona

    FS: Black CMOY Amplifier

    ttt, still available.
  19. prona

    FS: Black CMOY Amplifier

    bump. EDIT: Price dropped.
  20. prona

    Koss KSC75: My Mouth Is Still Open!!

    Sorry, but i haven't been around lately. Is there a new version of the KSC75 with a volume control? Cause mine certainly doesn't have it.