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    I bought a PINT amp from Manuel, very good communication, and the amp sounds great
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    ...priceless (56k warning)

    Quote: Originally Posted by omendelovitz damping goes on the back of the driver (metal 'button' in the middle - see my pics above); recable is starquad - a little on the bassy side, but as clean as copper gets. Cool, thanks I had thought thats where the dampening material went...
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    ...priceless (56k warning)

    Quote: Originally Posted by omendelovitz you won't regret it. Given the drivers are 225's, they should sound even better than I assume mine do right now. Sounds good but i have 2 questions 1. Maybe im missing something but how/where did you use the damping material? and 2...
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    Grado HP-1000 Series

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nights_85 I second this. The motion is passed, all Head-Fiers are now required to wear a shirt when taking a photo of themselves At least borrow/steal a friend's shirt...
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    ...priceless (56k warning)

    nice mods, i think ill try some of that on my SR-225s
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    Will order 555 or 595 today, HELP ME DECIDE!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover Sennheiser HD595 couldnt have put it better
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    Need some help with H320 problem

    My iRiver H320 has a bit of a problem: after it has finished charging and I have unpluged it, the screen saying it is fully charged does not dissapear even when i try to turn it off (I use the stock firmware). It will not turn off, and when the battery starts to run down it goes back to thinking...
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    photo thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by SonicDawg Please don't tell me that that is a real life pic... but in real life it is a picture.... whats so wrong with that
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    Just to get your blood going...

    Quote: Originally Posted by CookieFactory humor is so hard to do right on the internet true.... sad, but true
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    Termites and Grado RS Series/GS-1000

    burn in with termites? thats just crazy.... iburning in with wood headphones all you need is a match
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    Covering for cables?

    thanks for the responces, i think the nylong covering and heatshrink is what im looking for, i have a lot of extra techflex from making interconnects and recabling random things, it looks nice to me but its way too stiff and microphonic
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    Currently KSC-75's - what to get next?(under $50, $100 if needed)

    Quote: Originally Posted by dpippel There's not a whole lot under fifty bucks that can touch the KSC75/35. Some suggestions that are under your $100 max limit: Sennheiser PX100 ($45) AKG K81DJ ($55-$65) Grado SR60 ($69) Etymotic ER6i ($70-$90) Alessandro MS-1 ($99) pretty...
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    grado comfort

    I have always found grados much more comfortable then they look, more comfortable than most the headphones i have tried mainly because they sit lightly on my head...
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    My Grado HF-1's cup fell off!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by darkninja67 Send them to me so I can take a look at them. bah i was reading the posts hoping no one said that.... you beat me too it
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    I'm a little scared...

    all i have to say is the payoff is usualy well worth it. Good quality headphones sound SO much better than normal every day ones you usualy see people walking down the street with, especially when they aspire to one day purchase a set of bose triports because they think thoes are the end all of...
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    alternative quarter mod method

    Quote: Originally Posted by gsteinb88 I have heard that if you heat the blade, it will get that clean. That is, if you can get the hole to be perfectly round. -g that helps a great deal... also be patient with it... thats the main thing, only cut as fast as the foam allows for...
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    shortening the wire on grados?

    i got really annoyed having to use the long cable and adapter for my SR225s for my portable rig, so i took some extra canare starquad cable i had, and a switchcraft connector and did a simple rewiring, its not that hard at all... you just need to have the materials handy (and a multimeter helps...
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    Rock/Hip hop open (good seal tho) cans

    AKG K1000 oh and on the minding of the relative budget others were citing note... the 485s are good... if you dont mind headphones that just sit in your ears clip on style the KSC-75s are great bang for the buck headphones that handle all music well
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    Closed-Type 'phones vs. Noise-Cancelling phones...difference?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jagorev This explains it pretty well, and gives some good buying tips: that has a good explination... if you want the short and simple answer though.... closed are well, closed no air comes...
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    Alternative to Sennheisers?

    Quote: Originally Posted by db597 (...) Ps. Any Grado users out there want to comment on the narrow soundstaging? Does it improve on the SR225 and above? I heard they have a different baffle to improve soundstaging. I have the SR225s and i can tell you for sure that they have...
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    alternative quarter mod method

    Quote: Originally Posted by feh1325 while procrastinating and not studying for finals, i was thinking about headphones instead of using "solid" object to cut around, why not use a "hollow" stencil to cut into. it would almost ensure a nice, clean circle my suggestions for a quarter...
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    Getting a pair of HD600 drivers

    As far as i can tell, the 650 drivers aren't available on the Sennheiser website, but i definatley will post pics if i put the 600 drivers in my 497s (that would be very very very sweet mod in my opinion) EDIT: Oh and the 580 and 600 drivers are listed as the same thing (because they are the...
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    Damn foamies on er6i's!

    Wow... I have been wondering if that would happen with IEMs... ever since i heard about IEMs and foam tips i though to myself "what if thoes got stuck in someones ear?" i guess it isn't that common, but it does happen... fun listening hope it doesnt happen again
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    good service experience with Etymotic

    It's always good to hear about success with customer service, especially when it is that good of news