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  1. QuantumCarrot

    Any opinions on Pioneer SE-MS5T headphones?

    Mine sound thin and sibilant directly out of my player (Pioneer XDP-30R) so I know what you mean there. It should have enough power to drive them just fine but it just doesn't do it for me. Out of my tube amp though they come to life. They don't have the speed of my other cans so it can get a...
  2. QuantumCarrot

    Any opinions on Pioneer SE-MS5T headphones?

    I think you'll be satisfied. I got a set a couple weeks ago and now that they've racked up some hours I think they're great for the price. Quite a neutral sound with good range and detail, and at least for me they're comfortable to wear for hours. I had never heard of the things but after...
  3. QuantumCarrot

    Just got the Koss Portapro - I wasted $30.00

    Precisely. The Portapros sound a bit different depending on the temple pad setting as well.
  4. QuantumCarrot

    Koss Pro4AA Renovation - How far should I go?

    4AAs could probably be used as weapons. Be sure to give them plenty of burn-in and as much power as you can provide. Still great headphones despite being over 40 years old.
  5. QuantumCarrot

    Koss Portapros Sound Better Than Koss PRO/4AA's

    For the 4AAs, the new drivers were earwrenchingly harsh and tinny. Over time they mellowed out and now they're some of my most transparent headphones. The highs can still be a little grating sometimes but there's a lot of detail and clarity in the sound.   The 4AAAs in their current state...
  6. QuantumCarrot

    Koss Portapros Sound Better Than Koss PRO/4AA's

    I also recently got my 4AAAs rebuilt. The sound is much different before burn-in but they're improving little by little as the hour start to rack up. My AAs weren't very nice to listen to until I got them over probably 80 hours.
  7. QuantumCarrot

    Koss porta pro cable noise (microphonics) how to fix ?

    There are some kinds of shoelaces that are (or can be made to be) hollow on the inside. If you found some of those you could probably use them to sheath the cable.
  8. QuantumCarrot

    Koss Portapros Sound Better Than Koss PRO/4AA's

    I'm actually down in Oak Creek.
  9. QuantumCarrot

    First time listening to an amped pair of phones...

    K141s sound awesome amped. Prepare yourself.
  10. QuantumCarrot

    The Incoherent Rambling Room

    They're more of a flat black in person. Also, if you get them expect them to sound like garbage until they get a hundred hours or so on them. They'll probably need a decent amp too if their forefathers are any indication.
  11. QuantumCarrot

    Koss Pro4AA Renovation - How far should I go?

    Nope. So far I've brought them 4AA, SB49 (twice), and UR40s. Haven't had to jump through any hoops, do any registration, have any receipts, or anything. They pretty much take them and replace them if they're lower-end models or rebuild them if they're higher-end. I think the only thing they...
  12. QuantumCarrot

    Deal alert: 20% off + free shipping from

    I'll be stopping by some time in the next few weeks and I'll ask them why they're so uncommon. The last time i was there (late summer) they didn't have either model in the outlet store to try.
  13. QuantumCarrot

    Deal alert: 20% off + free shipping from

    I'm a bit south in Oak Creek and attend school in Whitewater, but I find it's always worth it to make the trip every once in a while and just chat about headphones with the receptionist.
  14. QuantumCarrot

    Instrumental music to go to sleep to

    You beat me to it. Just listened to December last night trying to fall asleep.   Quote:
  15. QuantumCarrot

    Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

    I've let mine run overnight a few times without problems.
  16. QuantumCarrot

    Koss Deal on UR55

    Thought I would pass this on for anyone interested.
  17. QuantumCarrot

    Stax SR-84 (SR-80 + SRD-4), good condition, SR-30 drivers

    Please contact me if that payment falls through :)
  18. QuantumCarrot

    AKG K501 love...

    For listening at home I use a Bravo V3. For a portable amp, I use an 18v dual opamp CMOY made by Fred_Fred_2004. He sells amps on an ebay store and seems to be a fairly active poster in the DIY board. The particular amp cost me under $100 and it drives anything I can throw at it with a nice...
  19. QuantumCarrot

    AKG K501 love...

    That should help with the volume, but you may need more power than that can give to get the best sound they're capable of. I went through a few amps before I found one powerful enough to sound to my liking.
  20. QuantumCarrot

    Replacing some Shure Scl3

    I've got the exact same problem with my Scl3s. Had to stop using them because it was so bad. Meanwhile, I'm back to my e2cs which went through the washing machine but are still going strong. The cable to one of the drivers broke but once spliced back together and covered with electrical tape...
  21. QuantumCarrot

    AKG K501 love...

    You kinda have to amp the [expletive] out of them. What's your source?
  22. QuantumCarrot

    Beats By Dre: The Secrets

    Anyone else see there's a Justin Bieber version of the Beats Solo now? Gave me a good laugh when I saw it advertised in a Best Buy ad this weekend...but then it made me feel sad and empty inside.
  23. QuantumCarrot

    (update) don't laugh, but Koss UR40 compared to Sennheiser HD650?

    To the best of my knowledge the UR40s share drivers with the KSC35, not the 75.
  24. QuantumCarrot

    Buying Koss KSC75

    I don't think anyone's going to offer to sell them given how cheap and common they are.
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