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  1. Raymate

    Good bluetooth headphones... help / advise

    Hi,   My main headphones right now are Senns HD598, HD600 and HD650   Now I know bluetooth is not going to be as good.   Just got myself a pair of Sony MDR-10RBT mainly as on sale for boxing day and the reviews seemed good. And wanted to try bluetooth.   Well I have had them for a week...
  2. Raymate

    Sennheiser RSxxx Range Questions

    Wanted to try Senns wireless range, I'm looking at getting the RS180   Looks like you can use up to 4 headset with the base station.     1st   Do they all need to be the RS180 or can I use headsets from the RS170 or RS160   The reason I ask is a friend of mine has the RS170 so if I go...
  3. Raymate

    Want to try GRADO, any views on model to get?

    Been using mainly Senns for years and years and would like to try a pair of GRADOs   My main music if various from classical to pop but not rock or metal. I like solid tight bass but not boomy   My main rig is Senns HD650 and 600 along with 595. The 600 and 650 I run from a Fiio E9+E7...
  4. Raymate

    Fiio E7 quality USB cable

    Using the E7 with the stock USB, is anyone using a high quality USB cable and do you notice any difference.   And good cable you can recommend?   I o not want to spend a fortune on one.   Has anyone found a good one from deal extreme , I actually use them to get my Fiio products but...
  5. Raymate

    Fiio E9/E7 advice

    After some searching I can not seem to find the answer.   Just got this combo and I use HD600 and HD650   Should gain switch be in the UP position?   And should I use the 6.3mm or the 3.5mm socket?   Cheers    
  6. Raymate

    Vuum VTi-B1 is it any good for hadphones?

    I have the chance to buy one used and wondered if it's any good as a headphone amp. R
  7. Raymate

    Got two GoVibes, thinking of getting the X-CAN3

    Going from GoVibes (3 and 5) to the X-CAN3 what will change. What kind of sound will I get? Is the X-CAN3 better than what I have? My two main cans are HD600 and HD650, the combo I like best is the GoVibe 3 and HD650 How will the sound change?
  8. Raymate

    Anyone using Creatives Megaworks T20 speakers?

    Cant realy find the right section to ask this so I have posted it in here (mods please move if wrong) Just wanted to get a good but cheap pair of speakers for my Mac for when I'm not using my cans. After some reading the Creative Gigaworks T20 seemed to get good reviews. So picked up a...
  9. Raymate

    Just found this "home build"

    home amp Not sure if this has been talk about before on here, has anyone tried to build one? Can it be that easy to creat a valve amp? Would it sound any good? Can someone translate the text? Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section R
  10. Raymate

    Are all PX100 white version 2 ?

    I have just sold my old PX100 black that are the first gen version. I have read about the PX100 being made in a version 2 with better drivers, are all the white ones using the newer drivers. Thinking about getting a white pair R
  11. Raymate

    XCAN v3 or GS SOLO for HD 595, 600 & 650

    What is the best way to go for a UK guy going to Canada? Right now I use a "GoVibe 3" with my HD 595, 600 & 650 But I think it's time to get a another amp. Should I go for a GoVibe5, XCAN v3 or Graham Slee Solo? So for the next few months it needs to run in the UK with 240v and then of...
  12. Raymate

    Musical Fidelity X-Can v3, where to buy in Toronoto?

    Moving out to Toronto early next year (live in the UK) But going out for 8 week next week. Up until now I have been using GoVibes with my Senns and now want to have a home rig, The X-Can is what I like and now need to source one in Toronto. I did about getting one in the UK then taking...
  13. Raymate

    Guess everyone has seen then new Senns... I know i'm a bit late on this one, but for them folk who missed it
  14. Raymate

    Wha's inside a X-CANV3 Headphone Amplifier

    Looking at maybe getting the Music Fidelity X-CANV3 Headphone Amplifier. But from the website it does not say much about specs, what is it using? Does anyone have one? Have they looked inside? Any pictures? It seems to get good reviews. R
  15. Raymate

    GoVibe 4 images now up

    The GoVibe website now has images R
  16. Raymate

    GoVibe 4 web page now up...

    ... just seen Norms website has been updated with the new V4. I know this thread has been done before, but has anyone got one on order that also has the V3 vibe? Or should I just move to the next level and get a better unit? Trying to work out should I buy another one, so I can get the...
  17. Raymate

    Adjusting HD595 headband size/stiffness

    Just got some HD595 and sometime when you adjust the headband it makes the clicks and the movement is stiff and is fine, but sometime I pick them up they slide out of position very easy and the click is gone and it not stiff, but if you twist them a little it goes stiff again!!! Does anyone...
  18. Raymate

    Broke down and got a pair (another 595 thread)

    Hi, Reading all the interesting things about the HD595 I yesterday broke down and just went and got a pair (on offer so it wasn’t too bad, for all you UK people they was £99.95) My reference is my HD600 and straight out of the box things are not that great. But they show potential. They do...
  19. Raymate

    Which op-amp next for Go-Vibe, or should I just get them all!!!

    With my Go-Vibe III currently use the 8066, mine also come with the 2227. With the two I found the 8066 give a fuller better sound to me with my HD600. Now I want to try the AD8620 as everyone says it's better than the 8066. So this will be on the order but what about the the other two...
  20. Raymate

    Very loud cordless for older lady !!!

    Hi, This is a bit of an odd question but someon might know. A friend of mine knows I'm into headphones so asked me for ideas on this little problem. His grand mother is very deaf and uses hearing aids. But all she wants to do is watch TV in stereo with cordless headphones. But he cant...
  21. Raymate

    HD200 masters - I have just HD200

    Yes they are poor headphones, but I was young, foolish and they matched my iPod !!!! Had a "Go-Vibe III" amp to run my HD600 for a few weeks now and I thought about digging out my old HD200 and giving them a blast with the amp... seems to make them sound better. Anyhow I went to the...
  22. Raymate

    Which GRADO (home) RS1 or RS2 (portable) SR60/80/125/225/325i

    Thinking about adding a pair of GRADOs to my setup. Currently I have HD600 for home use and PX200 for on the move. With both I use a "Go-Vibe III" amp. Source: Home Marantz CD7300. Move iPod nano and iPod colour using line out and lossless. For home use should I just go straight to...
  23. Raymate

    opamps!!! for GoVibe

    Just about to get a Go-Vibe III. Being a bit new to this amping thing I was wondering this: It comes with two opamps to of course change the sound. Can it use other opamps? How many opamps are their (or is that a stupid question)? Are opamps cheap, what do you look for? Who makes...
  24. Raymate

    iPod photo dock line out rather low, should it be?

    Why are iPod dock line out seems rather low in level. On my old 3G iPod the dock was low and just got the Photo dock for my 4G and it's still low. Does any one have the tech spec on the Apple Dock, how could I make the level a little more. Have a sendstation line out on order. I assume it...
  25. Raymate

    Any Go-Vibe pictures and reviews??

    Just about to buy a Go-Vibe III from Norm, what is everyones view on this little amp? Not seen many reviews on the Ver. III yet. How many people have it? What colour LED do you have? Should I go green? Lets see some pictures of your rigs with your Go-Vibe. Do you like the sound...