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  1. diforce

    which desktop amp for Fostex T50 RP ?

    Hi all, I need a amp recommendation for my Fostex T50RP phones.   My phones are modded (thunderpants I think), the mods added a LOT of detail but the bass went abit too sharp.   It ran on a TC electronic desktop konnect 6 mixer/dac/amp thingy , which gave it around 250mw .   Now i've read...
  2. diforce

    Different audio technica ATH-M50 amp question

    HI , Kinda new , Just subscribed to ask a question that i know have been asked 1000 times but its slightly different :) actually I read here for many years now ... so the audio technica ATH-M50 does not require an amp , I know this ... problem is I require a decent source , and my sound card ( m...