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  1. mman824

    Pico DAC/amp

    HeadAmp Pico DAC/amp in excellent condition, I just don't use it anymore and it seems like a shame to let it keep sitting on my desk looking lonely. Everything works (USB DAC, analog input, gain switch), and I'll send the amp with the charger and a short USB cable. I don't have any of the...
  2. mman824

    MMM, M3, M^3 amp

    This amp is in great shape, and perfect working condition. For those who don't know, the M^3 is a DIY kit designed by AMB audio and very well regarded around these forums. It's powerful enough to drive hungry orthos like the Audeze LCD-2 and delicate enough to drive sensitive IEMs with a black...
  3. mman824

    TTVJ Slim amp with DAC

    Great amp in great shape, works perfectly and in good cosmetic condition.   "Features wise, the TTVJ Slim amp seems to have it all. It has a microprocessor controlled analog stepped attenuator, with 32 steps of 2dB increments and an impressive ±0.2dB channel matching tolerance. Power output is...
  4. mman824

    Beyer DT1350

    These headphones are in fantastic condition, almost perfect. All original accessories, clamshell case, screw-on 1/8 to 1/4 adapter, wire wrap, etc... are included. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping within CONUS. I'll gladly ship elsewhere for a slight additional cost. I love these...
  5. mman824

    Audeze LCD-2 revision 1

    I want to be totally honest with this sale: I was disappointed when I first got these because they're not in perfect cosmetic condition. When I bought them I was pretty fresh and I didn't ask for pictures or any details. I didn't get any accessories besides the wooden box - which came with the...
  6. mman824

    Beyerdynamic DT880 600 Ohm

    I bought these headphones new just over a year ago. They're in great condition, both cosmetic and sound-wise. (pictures forthcoming). Well cared for, smoke-free and pet-free home. I have all the accessories: 1/4 to 1/8 adapter, carrying case, even the original cardboard box. I can throw in some...
  7. mman824

    Grado HF-2 #490

    Bought these from here about four months ago, just didn't fall in love like I was hoping to. I probably only put 50 hours on these in that time, for the most part they sat in their box. Great cans in great condition. PM with...
  8. mman824

    Portable amp/headphone pairing: AKG K702 or Beyer DT-880

    Not to beat a dead horse (I've been reading about the debate over the AKG K70X sound), but I'm wondering whether the AKG's or Beyer's are going to sound better out of a portable amp. I haven't bought anything yet, but I'm looking at the TTVJ slim amp, the ALO Rx MkII, or one of Ray Samuels' like...
  9. mman824

    DAC for MacBook Pro, <$150

    I'm using the UE-5pro, looking for a DAC with a low noise floor that's under 150. I just need a line-level out, gonna hook it up to an amp. Extra inputs and outputs would be nice, especially optical. Any recommendations would be appreciated.