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  1. Whitebread

    Audeze Closed EL-8 Break-in

    I All, I purchased a pair of closed EL- 8s (after the revision) that are currently being broken in.  So, I have two questions:   1. How long did owners break in their Rev2 closed EL-8s, before the sound signature plateaued?   2. Do current owners find their broken-in Rev 2closed EL-8s to be...
  2. Whitebread

    Protective screen film on Cowon X7

    Has anyone purchased the protective screen file for the X7 or, for any Cowon product, for that matter?  The film I purchased doesn't seem to have any adhesive on either side and, I'm confused as to how I should apply it.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.
  3. Whitebread

    Gamma 2 mounting holes

    I'd like to build myself a Gamma 2 and incorporate it into a single enclosure with the M3 I currently have.  But, the amb website does not have any information about the mounting hole spacing.  Does anyone know what the dimensions are?      Thank you.
  4. Whitebread

    Applying for jobs, is it really too late?

    I'm a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. I was, at one point, dead set upon applying to and attending grad school come September, but now I've changed my mind. I just spoke to my father about this not 30 minutes ago and he expressed serious concern that I'm far behind and may end up...
  5. Whitebread

    Finishing MDF

    I'm in the process of designing a subwoofer for my house that will be built out of MDF. I've been doing a bit of research on finishing MDF and if anything I've become more cognizant of my own ignorance in the matter. I'd like a glossy piano like finish and so far I've picked up on the...
  6. Whitebread

    Absolutely fed up with BOA

    I'm absolutely fed up with Bank of America's thievery. They've thought it appropriate to charge me 5 separate overdraft fees at 35 dollars each for overdrafts costing less than 5 dollars. So now I'm going to have to call them and bitch at the call center rep to refund my hard earned money. I'm...
  7. Whitebread

    Rockboxed iPod video woes

    So it seems that every time I connect my ipod to my computer while the hold is engaged, the boot loader loads the default ipod software instead of rockbox. I have to reinstall everything to correct the problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how did you address it? Thanks, JT
  8. Whitebread

    Are there any new audio only players with HDDs?

    I'm really getting tired of not being able to bring more music with me. I want to have access to more of my music at any one point. It seems to me that companies are neglecting high capacity players and all the available designs are years old or lack important features or are video players that...
  9. Whitebread

    replacing components in a PCB

    One of the transistors in my M3 is bad, how do you guys cleanly and effectively replace the bad components in a PCB? Getting all the solder out so the new component slides right in seems impossible. Anyone?
  10. Whitebread

    Lea DeLaria

    So, anyone have any of this singers CDs? I was listening to NPR today when a 5 or 6 second clip of a song of hers played. I'm intrigued and I would like to find out a bit more about her music and style before I spend 20 or 30 dollars on a few CDs.
  11. Whitebread

    Modular IEM?

    I've just killed my second pair of ER6i's in 3 years. Both failed at one end of the cable. I must admit that I don't take the best care of my IEMs. They spent most of their life in my pants pocket or on my dresser. Regardless, I'd like to eliminate this issue by getting some modular IEMso...
  12. Whitebread

    Hard drive based player?

    Does anyone make a portable HDD player that is at least 80 gigs in size, has an EQ and isn't an iPod?
  13. Whitebread

    Winamp v5.541

    Any one here know if Winamp v5.541 has issues playing FLAC files? I can't seem to add a few albums ripped in FLAC to my library no matter what I try. Also, the player seems to freeze every so often, producing a very unpleasant noise in my headphones. Thanks
  14. Whitebread

    New harddrive for Iriver iHP-140?

    My old iHP-140 is still kicking and I dont want to give it up for so many reasons. The harddrive in the player is still good, but is just too small for my large music collection. Has anyone here successfully replaced the harddrive in this player with somethig considerably larger (ie, 80 or more...
  15. Whitebread

    Bad MOSFETs?

    I've got 4 IRF24NS n-channel MOSFETs that I'd like to use as switches. I connected the source to +12vdc and measured the potential on the drain pin with respect to ground and got about 11.5 volts on all four. This is while the gate pin was not connected to anything. Shouldn't the switch be open...
  16. Whitebread

    Portable rig is owning my M3

    I just did a quick comparison between my EMU-0404/M3/HD650 home rig and my Ultrasone DJ1/Etymotic ER-6i/Samsung YP-9T portable rig with two songs Cubanismo: Marie Laveaux and The Roots: What They Do The general idea: The M3/HD650 combination presents a laid back sound stage (and that...
  17. Whitebread

    Help with a Micro Controller

    Before I say anything, let me state that I am a Mechanical Engineering student with no technical electrical engineering background, so please bare with me. For a class project, I want to use a Micro Controller to control 4 solenoids based on input from an ADC chip. Maximum total output...
  18. Whitebread

    Summer Engineering Internships?

    Hey guys, I hope everyone's holidays are happy and healthy. I'm feeling a little down about school and my summer job opportunities. I want to get an internship this summer but I feel my grades will hold me back. I'm an Engineering student at Cornell and I'm having a hard time doing well on...
  19. Whitebread

    M3 Amplifier Board Schematics

    Guys, I'm going to machine a chassis for an amp build and I need schematics for a few boards. I need a CAD drawing for am M3 board with mounting hold diameters as well as heat sink hold diameters and locations. I'm going to machine a rigid support for my tall heat sinks and I need to place...
  20. Whitebread

    Samsung YP-T9 and ID3v2 tags

    Is there anyway to make the YP-T9 read ID3v2 tags? Its really annoying having to change them all myself.
  21. Whitebread

    Need new IEM's for portable use

    Hey guys, my ER-6i's are on their way out after only a few months of use and I need to replace them ASAP. The 6is sound good to me but I'd like to replace them with something else citing Ety's poor build quality. Here are my requirements: MUST be easy to drive because I will only be using...
  22. Whitebread

    Transcoding from FLAC to MP3

    Hey guys, I need to convert some FLAC files to mp3 without having to rewrite tag information. Is there any program out there that can transcode and save tag information?
  23. Whitebread

    Album Art Aggregator

    Does anyone have an example of this program they can share with me? The website that had copies of the program to download is down. Thanks.
  24. Whitebread

    Anyone have any 24bit/192kHz content?

    Does anyone here actually have any content recorded at 24bits with a 192kHz sampling frequency? I'm curious and I'd like to see exactly how much better a recording at this level is.
  25. Whitebread

    EMU 0404 sample frequency

    I can't seem to change the sample frequency to 192khz in my 0404's patchmiz DSP panel. Has anyone has similar problems with this? Does anyone here know how to fix this problem?