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  1. aloksatoor

    Anyone buy parts from here?

    I was hunting for some enclosures online and stumbled here... Audio Catalog... Is that a reputed dealership and do they do custom work on the front panels? I could not find much info on headfi and not many reviews online....
  2. aloksatoor

    price alert on HD600

    253 $ on amazon with free shipping and no Sennheiser HD600 Over-Ear Open Dynamic Hi-Fi Professional Stereo Headphones (Black): Electronics
  3. aloksatoor

    Pico dac/amp combo to use as dac only

    Anyone here can recommend the optimal settings (gain and volume position) for using a pico dac/amp to output V rms close to what the pico dac only puts out?
  4. aloksatoor

    where to buy a DACT knob

    I am looking to buy some DACT CT stainless steel knobs. Located in the united states. Only retailers selling it are based either in australia or china and shippings too much.
  5. aloksatoor

    FPE panel layout help

    I am trying to configure a couple of front panels for a sigma build. How do you put the laser engraving on the front panel designer for the greek character σ? I did not see font support from front panel express and I do not know how to generate the hpl which can do it.