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  1. Dzjudz

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Haha, that post of mine is almost 10 years old!! How time flies... I'm very glad to introduce you to Damien Rice, that album is still in my top ranked albums.
  2. Dzjudz

    Head-Fi 2014 Christmas Gift Exchange Whadjaget? Thread

    Glad to hear you received my surprise gifts in time Asr! I wanted to thank you for organising this great event that I have participated in with a lot of fun over the past years. I received from my partner nc8000 two CDs: Tako Lako - Pulse Riddle Hymns from Niveneh - Endurance in Christmas...
  3. Dzjudz

    2014 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    Just returned from holidays today, contacting you now :) I said not to worry :p
  4. Dzjudz

    Head-Fi 2013 Christmas Gift Exchange Whadjaget? Thread

    I partnered up with BaasTurbo and got his crazy gift today! Instead of just a CD, he also sent me a pair of IEMs. The CD is Jeff Buckley - Grace. Great album. I already had some of his music, but not this CD. Good choice. As for the IEMs, BaasTurbo sent me the Fischer Audio Consonance...
  5. Dzjudz

    2013 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    No! This is the first time in many years that I didn't sign up in time... If anyone is interested in doing an exchange, I would be glad to send something out this weekend. My location is The Netherlands, I'm willing to ship worldwide.
  6. Dzjudz

    New DT880 Manufaktur (pics included)

    So I haven't been on this forum for quite a while, because I have been happy with my setup for a few years now. The setup I have been using for a long time: Apogee Mini-DAC -> Meier Corda Cantate -> Senn HD650. Now, the HD650s still function great and I have been extremely pleased with them...
  7. Dzjudz

    Mayan Calendar and Dec. 21, 2012

    Oddly quiet in here :)
  8. Dzjudz

    Head-Fi 2012 Christmas Gift Exchange Whadjaget? Thread

    And received the gift from my other partner, BIG POPPA, today: Live at KEXP, volume 8. (KEXP is a Seattle radio station, where BIG POPPA lives) Another compilation album :). And again with only a few artists I know, but all like! Excited to listen to this. Thanks BIG POPPA. And thanks to...
  9. Dzjudz

    Head-Fi 2012 Christmas Gift Exchange Whadjaget? Thread

    I received a package today from one of my partners, Rightclick/Scissors, and it contained quite a surprise. I had counted on one CD or maybe two, but this takes the cake. Excuse the crappy Ipad2 low light pic quality I haven't taken the CDs out of their wrapping yet, but they seem to be 2...
  10. Dzjudz

    PC Enthusiast-Fi (PC Gaming/Hardware/Software/Overclocking)

    Finished upgrading my rig over the last few months. Upgraded the RAM from 3 GB 1333 MHz to 12 GB 1600 MHz, the graphics card from GTX 285 to GTX 670 OC, and installed an extra HDD and an SSD as boot / primary drive: Motherboard: ASUS P6T CPU: Core i7 920 @ 3.33 GHz (cooled by Scythe Mugen 2)...
  11. Dzjudz

    Planetside 2 Thread

    It's double xp weekend by the way so get in the game to farm some weapons!
  12. Dzjudz

    How are games when played using a flagship headphone?

    Well I've been gaming with the HD650 for quite a few years, since back when it was the flagship :). And it's great!
  13. Dzjudz

    2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    Look at the first post :)
  14. Dzjudz

    2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    Great, thanks Asr! I've sent a PM to my partner(s), and advise everyone to do so as well asap to make sure everything is in order before the holidays :)
  15. Dzjudz

    2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    I'm willing to take up a straggler if needed.
  16. Dzjudz

    Planetside 2 Thread

    Wow. I just ran my first platoon for the last 4-5 hours straight. Commanding 48 people, guiding them into battle, is so much fun. Especially if the synergy is good and the (voice) chat is pleasant. Seriously, if you haven't joined an outfit yet, go find a big one and join it. Then run with...
  17. Dzjudz

    Planetside 2 Thread

    I run Planetside2 completely maxed out at 1920x1080, high 40s is indeed the lowest it will sink for me. The built-in fps counter (ALT+F) shows if your bottleneck is CPU or GPU, and mine seems to switch around a lot between GPU and CPU as the bottleneck. CPU: Core i7 920 at 3.2 GHz GPU: Gigabyte...
  18. Dzjudz

    2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    The thing is, the rules of this exchange are all up to the partners. The only real rule stipulated before entering is that you have to be ready to at least buy a new CD to gift, but this exchange is not limited to that. Usually, after pairing up, you should contact your partner to set down the...
  19. Dzjudz

    PC Enthusiast-Fi (PC Gaming/Hardware/Software/Overclocking)

    Is the anti-static thing really such a big deal? I've never taken any precautions (certainly not buying a strap) and haven't had any problems. Installed a GPU and a HDD yesterday too.
  20. Dzjudz

    Planetside 2 Thread

    My GTX670 is coming in tomorrow (and my SSD in a couple of weeks), so I'm going to play some more after tomorrow :)
  21. Dzjudz

    Planetside 2 Thread

    I just installed it via Steam (couldn't get it to work via the website yesterday). Logged in for about half an hour, but the lag is a bit too much at the moment (enemies jumping around etc). I'm interested in the game though, saw many interesting videos. I'm mainly looking forward to some good...
  22. Dzjudz

    Converting MP3 to FLAC

    To be clear: another story in file size, not in sound quality. You can never improve the sound quality. What is lost is lost. (there are ways to 'guess' what was once there and add it, but that's not the same). P.S. FLAC is lossless, not lossy.
  23. Dzjudz

    Internet Piracy Survey (For Senior Thesis)

    Some of the questions are loaded for some locations. In the Netherlands, for example, it is not illegal to download movies and music (it is illegal to download software). You can call it pirated music, but not illegally downloaded music.
  24. Dzjudz

    Guild Wars 2

    Far Shiverpeaks :) Having a lot of fun!
  25. Dzjudz

    Best gaming PC at or under $3,000?

    What PurpleAngel said. Even in my small village there's a PC store that can custom build a PC for customers. You can get the same specs (or even more current components, like a newer graphics card) for about half the price.