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  1. selphy

    Rio Karma

    For sale great player Rio Karma. Perfect condition, battery should be change, you can buy it on ebay. Comes with dock station and charger. Free shipping.
  2. selphy

    Questyle QP1R Brand new

    I have for sale brand new Questyle qp1r.
  3. selphy

    Sony MDR-7520

    I'm looking for Sony MDR-7520, let me know if you have for sale.
  4. selphy

    Sennheiser HD565

    Sennheiser HD565 comes with replacement pads, like new and with cooper cable. Everything works fine.
  5. selphy

    Black Dragon V2 to Akg K702/Q701/K712 Pro

    I have for sale Black Dragon V2 cable, 5 ft with 3,5 mm Neutrik.
  6. selphy

    iPhone SE

    I'm looking for factory unlocked iPhone SE with original box and charger. Like new condition. 16 gb or 64 gb. Only US
  7. selphy

    Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohm

    Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohm,
  8. selphy

    Sennheiser OMX980

    Few hours used omx980, mint condition, like new, without any sign of use. Full set. Free worldwide shipping.
  9. selphy

    Koss KSC35 KSC-35

    I looking for Koss ksc35 If you have for sale, let me know on PM
  10. selphy

    Sennheiser MX980 NEW !

    For sale brand new, never used Sennheiser MX980 Free worldwide shipping.
  11. selphy

    Sennheiser MX985

    Full set with receipt. Used about 5 hours. I have OMX980, sound is the same.
  12. selphy

    iRiver H340 (40GB) Rocbox

    iRiver H340 in good working condition. Last year was changed hdd and battery. It comes with case, charger, usb cable, remote control.
  13. selphy

    fiio x5 v iriver h340 - sound quality

    Stay with H340, for me X5 isn't worth this money. I didn't compare this players on the same time, but iriver have better analog sound, when fiio is flat and you don't listen music with fun ;) Technically there are similar.
  14. selphy

    Fostex HP-P1

    I have for sale portable headphone amp&dac Fostex HP-P1 Full set, Fostex was bought in local Poland (EU) Fostex dealer on 08.01.2013, additionally I add good quality Forza Audioworks Ipod 30pin-usb copper cable and second cooper with silver. This cables are worth €100 ! Please add shipping...
  15. selphy

    Beyerdynamic DT880 250 ohm

    Headphones in good condition, headband and pads was changed to DT880 Pro model, only headphones without box. Please add shipping cost and paypal fee.
  16. selphy

    Leather case for HiFiMAN HM-601/602

    I'm interested to buy leather case for HM-601/602. Send me PM if you have it.
  17. selphy

    iBasso D12

    Let me know, if you have for sale.
  18. selphy

    Sony PHA-2

    Like new, full original set.
  19. selphy

    Fiio X5

    Like new, full original set. I bought it on 30th April in Poland store, it's 2 years warranty.   260 euros + paypal fee + shipping
  20. selphy

    iRiver E10

    I have for sale rare mp3 player iRiver E10 with original box and usb cable. Good working condition, hdd without bad sectors.
  21. selphy

    Brainwavz HM5

    Sometimes in MP4Nation with promotion code they are for $99 including shipping. Now it's too expensive for me.
  22. selphy

    Technics RP-F30 best dynamic headphones !

    I have for sale very rare dual drive headphones Technics RP-F30 Great working condition with leather pads.
  23. selphy

    Technics RP-F10

  24. selphy

    Etymotic HF3 New Cobalt

    New, never used, Etymotic HF3, color cobalt. Only box was open to check.