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    Headroom Max as a preamp

    I'm in the 1st phase of building a very decent 2 channel speaker based setup. I am going to spend my entire budget on the amp and speakers. I found an awesome deal on a pair of tube monoblocks that I have my heart set on (VTL MB-450's). The VTL's are going to drive a pair of Avalons. Here's...
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    It's down to tweaking the fuses now

    I've been reading way too much A/A lately in my quest to achieve another <2 % sonic improvement in my rig. Tonight I came across the topic of fuse tweaking. It's not a new topic on Head-fi (a quick search found a fuse rolling/tweak thread from late last year). I just thought I'd bring up the...
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    No kidding...This is the Ultimate Tweak!! The Audio Desk System

    I recently came across a few threads that mentioned a machine called the Audio Desk System. It's a belt driven lathe that bevels a 38 degree angle into the outer edge of a CD. I was very intrigued when a respected head-fier assigned the unit a 10+ tweaking value. 10+? Hmmm...Well, I took the...
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    Any modifications to Senn HD650's

    First off...I'd use the search function, but I can't seem to locate it these days. I would like to try a few modifications to my HD650's. If anyone has modded these cans, please post what you have done and if you hear any sonic improvements. I'm not talking about aftermarket cables (I already...
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    Anyone use a Bedini Ultra Clarifier?

    I was wondering if anyone uses a Bedini Ultra Clarifier? There are two versions...the Bedini Dual Beam Ultra Clarifier (retail $190) and the Bedini Quadri Beam Ultra Clarifier (retail $300). Here's the description of the explains why it's worth $300. "After several...
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    I can't believe that I JUST figured this out now!...cut out the attenuators!

    For the past year I have been running my Headroom Max on high gain and volume at about 9:00-10:00. I finally clued in and switched my gain to the lowest setting and put the volume at 2:00. Man, what a difference!! It makes sense to me why it should sound better too...since on high gain you've...
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    Care to make a gu-estimate?

    Call me narrow minded, sonically challenged, or whatever you like, but my all-time favourite redbook cd is Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York. If this disc would ever be released on SACD I would be ecstatic. Now, if it was released by mofi on SACD, I would run naked through the streets in...
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    Anyone think the band Pilate sounds a lot like the "old" Radiohead?

    Go to and enter the full screen version. The song "Into Your Hideout" will automatically start playing in your browser. It sounds like the good old radiohead when they were into rock. You'll hear what I mean. The lead singer sounds amazing. BTW, they are based out of Toronto.
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    What would a redbook cd sound best on?

    A) 1993 Adcom GCD-600 used as a transport with a Bel Canto DAC2 Or B) Denon 2900
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    Meridian 598 - anologue version?

    I need advice. I am losing sleep at night thinking about this... I just can't stand listening to my Adcom cd player much longer. I want (need? - my g/f would beg to differ) a new digital source. Originally I was looking at universal players. The Denon 2900 was first on my wishlist. Somehow...
  11. B insurance rate dropped by $999

    On May 5th I had to pay $2,999 CDN for insurance taking into account that I was 24 with a 6 star rating. That sucked since I was turning 25 on May 22nd. Today I finally got a called back from my insurance broker after turning 25. The good news is that my rate was dropped from $2,999 to...
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    What should I plug my Elco POWER HPC-10SP into?

    I bought this on audiogon last night for my Headroom Max. Would it be better to plug it directly into the wall outlet or into my AC line enhancer? I haven't contacted Elco yet.
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    AC Enacom or Adcom ACE-515 line enhancer?

    Anyone have an AC Enacom? I currently have an Adcom ACE-515 line enhancer. I might purchase an AC Enacom for my HeadRoom Max. Do you think I would notice any sonic difference between the Adcom or the AC Enacom? My setup is going to...