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    For sale are my Advanced Acousticwerkes W500 plus cables. They are about 2 y ears old and I am selling as I don't use them much any more. The W500 is in great condition in CIEM format, so will need re-shelling by AAW in Singapore. They charge one of the most reasonable re-shelling fees in the...
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    [Australia] Aurisonics rockets

    Headphones themselves are in excellent condition, but missing some accessories (ear loops, tri-tip flanges). Assortment of tips, original packaging. List price includes PayPal fees and shipping within Australia. No trades, thankyou.
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    SOLD : [Australia] Aurisonics Rockets

    no, sorry. forgot to take down the ad. thanks anyway
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    Oppo PM-2 [AUS] with extra velour pads, OCC Litz Copper cable

    It is :) send me a PM and maybe I can send you a PM2 ;)
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    Aurisonic Rockets

    Mic or non-mic version?   Thanks :)
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    JH Audio Roxanne Custom IEM w/ Carbon Fiber ase

    I can't tell from the pics - is the Moon cable with or without the bass pod? And what length? Edit: actually, I can see the bass pod there, sorry. Thanks
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    Westone AM Pro series announced

    Thanks for the reply, twister, much appreciated :)
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    Westone AM Pro series announced

    Anyone able to offer impressions yet? Can't find reviews anywhere. Particularly interested in leakage; if I'm listening at low volume in bed will it disturb my partner, who is sensitive to even faint sounds? Most closed-backs and UIEMs are OK, just wondering if the ability to gear ambients...
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    Westone AM Pro 30 IEM Ambient

    Does the open design work both ways? I.e. is there leakage? Can I wear these in a quiet room without other people hearing? Not much info about them out there ATM since they're so new, or I wouldn't have to ask :) thanks
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    [Aus] V-Moda Crossfade M-100 w/ XL pads

    V-Moda Crossfade M100 headphones in good used condition.   Sound excellent.   Some light cosmetic wear - small scuff on left cup, minor creases in leather.   SharePlay stock cable in excellent condition.   V-Moda BoomPro mic and cable in excellent condition.   Original carry case and...
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    [AUS] V-Moda XS

    Good used condition.  I am the second owner.   Some small cosmetic blemishes.   Otherwise in excellent working condition.   Includes 140cm cable with in-line mic and remote, original hard carry case, tiny plug thing of unknown purpose.   Price includes PayPal fees and shipping within...
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    Audeze LCD-XC

    You can check people's profiles too see their location.   I'm in the ACT.
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    WTB: Aude'ze Cup Hinge (pref. Australia)

    Hoping someone has purchased a replacement Audeze headband assembly and has a cup hinge they can spare.   This is the semicircular piece of metal that attaches the yoke rod to the earcup.   Damaged one of mine and need a replacement :(   Prefer to buy in Australia just to keep shipping...
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    [Aus] Shure SRH1840, excellent condition

    Glad there's some interest :) Considering their condition and that the retail in aus is still $700 or more, I think 300 is a bit low. Thanks for looking though :)
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    AUDEZE LCD-3 Mint Condition Still Under Warrantee

    that's a stock image... got any pictures of the ones you're actually selling?
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    [AUS] Aurisonics ASG-2 Stealth Universal IEM

    I got these a few weeks ago from Head-Fi member Kiln.   They are in superb physical condition and sound phenomenal - I'm not going to go into specifics, you can search for reviews yourself ;)   Suffice to say they are a hybrid IEM - one 15mm dynamic driver paired with two balanced armatures...