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  1. kenneth

    For Sale Sennheiser HD 650

    No, the headphone is gone.
  2. kenneth

    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    1. AKG K701 2. Sennheiser HD 650 The AKG wins out on account of its more natural, faster and transparent sound. The HD 650 by comparison is bass heavy and darkish in coloration.
  3. kenneth

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    AKG K 701 which I prefer most of the time over the my Sennheiser HD650.
  4. kenneth

    Best DAC under $2000

    For under $2,000, a PS Audio DL-III with modifications by Rick Cullen is hard to beat. DLIII Stage III(adds WBT NextGen and clock mod) (DL3-STAGE III) - PS Audio DAC, GCHA, GCPH modifications - Cullen Circuits HOLY!!!!.....THE DL-III MODIFICATION IS HERE - PSAudio Discussion Forums There...
  5. kenneth

    Your favorite composer

    Bach. My favorite recording in my entire collection ( I have all of Bach's works), is the Hilliary Hahn recording of the Bach Violin Concertos. It is absolutely superb. Sample it yourself -
  6. kenneth

    FS: Magnum Dynalab FT-101A tuner

    The tuner has been sold.
  7. kenneth

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT880

    The headphones have been sold to the first person who wrote to me about them. To the rest of you, thank you for asking about them.
  8. kenneth


    I bought a pair of dt 880's from Kirosia. The transaction could not have gone better. Highly recommend him as a seller.
  9. kenneth

    Now that I have headphones, I need to find some good music!

    If you want to try out classical pieces, I would try the freebies first - see what your public library has, listen to the sound samples at Naxos has a webpage where you can listen to entire CDs -
  10. kenneth

    Do you always use your best stuff?

    My best stuff is my only stuff. Because I recently bought a new pair of HD 650's I now have an old pair of HD 600's which I am holding on to. I bought new ear pads for them and I just ordered a pair of Senn. woodies as well. It needed new grills and I was curious on how the gear from headphile...
  11. kenneth

    Have times changed?

    Quote: bearing in mind that the old school player cost $800ish when new back in 1991 That reminded me that my first GOOD sounding CD player was a Phillips machine which Conrad Johnson heavily modified. Conrad Johnson seems to have gone back to making just amps and pre-amps, which I...
  12. kenneth

    Have times changed?

    Ten years is a long time in the area of audio. Back in the early 90s ANY Theta DAC could improved the sound of any CD player for under a thousand with digital output. I have noticed that there are much fewer DACs and transports being made by audio companies. I do not know if this means the CD...
  13. kenneth

    Senn HD 600 vs the HD 650

    I have a trusted pair of Senn 600s which has seen many, many years of service. The pads are fairly worn away. Managed to badly dent the metal grill on one side. Despite this, it still sounds excellent. I just found out today about the Senn 650s. I would like to ask the anyone here, who like the...
  14. kenneth

    Magnum Dynalab FT-101A tuner for sale

    Thank you Nightfall for the endorsement. I do not have a remote for this analog tuner, but I am sure one can be ordered from Magnum Dynalab. Much of the $50 in the asking price, is for the expected shipping. This unit is heavy and I will have it sent out double boxed. Any would be buyer can try...
  15. kenneth

    I need to upgrade my classical music collection

    I would recommend that you register on the Naxos web site, and sample the recorderings which interest you. There is no cheaper way to build a collection then checking with Naxos first. It is very rare to hear anything poor from this label.
  16. kenneth

    Newbie seeks advice on cans/amp/player

    The Sennheiser's HD-600 is an excellent all around choice. I had used Grado 125 headphones for years until I tried the Sennheiser HD-600. If you are into acoustical music, the timbre on the HD-600 is more natural, a little less electronic sounding if you will, then the Grados I have heard. The...
  17. kenneth


    I have had the privilege of making a sales transaction with Voyager. Everything went smooth as silk. Payment was swift and without any difficulties. Voyager kept in friendly contact the entire time. I would do business again with Voyager without the least bit hesitation.
  18. kenneth

    Verdi's Requiem- Similar Recommendations?

    Surprised no one mentioned the Berlioz Requiem. It requires a larger force then the one by Verdi, and is the very devil for recording engineers to do right.
  19. kenneth

    SOLD - Headroom Max Out Home Headphone Amp

    Thanks for the info and the warm welcome. I had no idea this board existed until I asked the people at Headroom where I could possibly find a buyer for my Max Home amp. It is a very informative and enjoyable site to visit; glad to be here.
  20. kenneth

    SOLD - Headroom Max Out Home Headphone Amp

    I am new to this board so it's dumb question time. What does YGPM! mean?
  21. kenneth

    SOLD - Headroom Max Out Home Headphone Amp

    This is the original version, which is for sale. The headphone amp is in mint condtion and it works just as the day I got it, which is to say that it sounds great! The only reason I am selling is because this Home Max can not be upgraded with dual inputs, as the newer models now have. I would...