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  1. Natsuiro

    AKG K501+Benchmark DAC-1?

    I thought the K501s do sound quite good out of the headphone out of the benchmark.
  2. Natsuiro

    Other Worldly satisfaction - Canalphones and headphones

    Yes, I also get that feeling of disconnect from the real world when I use er4's.
  3. Natsuiro

    Entertaining the idea of canalphones or clip-on's

    I thought the er4/s and flute was a nice match but a bit harsh sometimes.
  4. Natsuiro

    headphone and amp for strictly classical

    I would suggest either the K501s or Er4/s if you need portability.
  5. Natsuiro

    I prefer stock HD650 over the Zu Mobius. And other related rants

    Quote: Originally Posted by Philco . While I agree a good source is important, I NEVER heard the difference between a $500 CDP with good D/A converters and a $5000 Linn CDP. It's all audiophile junk to me. People buy stuff and stuff and stuff and figure out that unless you pay a premium...
  6. Natsuiro

    Game Plan for Choosing Earphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by Snowmac I know this forums opinion of the Bose units but I like my SoundDock and they seem to be a popular headset for the airlines. If I can try them for free than the worst case is returning the E4cs. It makes sense to get used to the E4cs before listening...
  7. Natsuiro

    Where to start upgrade of home system?

    I think you should get the headphones first then either an amp or source depending on how good your source is right now and what your budget is.
  8. Natsuiro

    ER-4P to ER-4S Adapter question

    I made one myself for my friend and I think it sounds so much better than the P. If you are getting an amp you should really get a P->S adapter/cable because the P's don't seem to benefit that much with an amp and the S just sound so much better.
  9. Natsuiro

    Are portable amps good enough for everyday use?

    I use the portacorda mk II around the house sometimes with the K501. The portacorda is bassier but I think the G&W TW-J1 really does a much better job. If you don't have to move around (and the K501s aren't portable anyways), the TW-J1 is a good choice I think.. esp at it's price.
  10. Natsuiro

    Between DAC1 and Mini-DAC: from the amp's point of view

    Quote: Originally Posted by dshea_32665 The thing with the DAC1 that was a concern of mine (granted without hearing it) when I was deciding on which DAC to buy, was that the weight of the instrumental sounds would be less than the Apogee, although the detail of attack, timbre etcs would...
  11. Natsuiro

    how decent is the Samsung 841?

    I have the 4960. In stock form the sacd and dvd-a sounds nice but the redbook isn't very good. Basically you get what you paid for I guess. Don't expect too much.
  12. Natsuiro

    Sennheiser HD25

    I perfer the er4/p's to the hd25-1s, but with ety's I guess it's a personal taste thing. So you may or may not like the er4p's
  13. Natsuiro


    Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller Non of those qualify, as they are all over 300.00.... ' Quote: Originally Posted by donunus I am really going to spend 300 dollars tops but knowing the best stuff wouldn't hurt.
  14. Natsuiro


    I liked the R10s out of the ipod but I haven't heard any of the Custom mold canal phones or the Qualia.
  15. Natsuiro

    A couple questions/advice

    The ipod can easily power the A900s. But if you need something portable in the future anyways, why don't you forget the A900s and just get some etys or shures? Even though you say you like lugging around huge headphones you might not after you get them because you might be afraid of dropping...
  16. Natsuiro

    hd 497s

    The 497s don't have that much bass so you may be happier getting the portpros (which sound like they have bass boost on) for types of music where you feel the 497s are lacking.
  17. Natsuiro

    Will the IPod run the Ety ER-4s????? Yes or No?

    I think you should just get the S if you are going to use an amp most of the time. I just bought the S and usually use my amp except when I'm watching stuff on the laptop or using the ipod at the gym. As others have already said, it's probably smarter to spend the money you would have spent on...
  18. Natsuiro

    Need shorter cable for ETY ER-4P....?

    Well I think you could just slice it at the point of desired length and solder on a new mini plug.
  19. Natsuiro

    Vancouver BC Meet: Planning thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by xtreme4099 im might be able to go, then maybe we can carpool, i will most definitely have my headcode done by then. I'm hoping that Trevor can finish my dynahi by then so we can have the first headcode vs dynahi shoot out.
  20. Natsuiro

    MDR-SA5000 Owners - Participate in this POLL REVIEW

    This thread isn't good for my wallet hahaha
  21. Natsuiro

    Vancouver BC Meet: Planning thread

    Are you talking in USD or CDN? =P
  22. Natsuiro

    Sennheiser 650 headphones and Rega Ear

    I'm not too much of a fan of the rega ear. Instead of dropped say $200 on an aftermarket cable, you may want to put the money towards upgrading to a new amp or new source. Which source are you using btw? When I tested the Zu, it did make a difference, but I think it's may be possible to get more...
  23. Natsuiro

    Insanely difficult decision (If only I was rich)

    I'm not too sure about the going rate of 600s about I thought they were higher than 150 used, if so you could just buy them and sell them off for profit if you don't want them. I've heard the 25-1s next to the 600s and I perfer the sound the of 600s. I'm just not too much of a fan of the 25-1s...
  24. Natsuiro

    IC/FT> 650s for DEQ2496

    Hi I'd like to trade some 650s for a DEQ2496. The 650s are in perfect condition and have not been burnt in yet but the box has a scratch on it while transporting to the seattle meet. Will consider other offers for the 650s as well
  25. Natsuiro

    DT880 and SA5000s

    Quote: Originally Posted by txa Excellent review - very helpful! I felt the AKG K501 to have a cleaner edge than the 880 as well - with a more immediate presentation. Unlike a lot of folks, I like the bass from the 501. It sounds like it might be like the SA5K but without the...