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  1. mjg

    F/S: p300, tubes, power cables, etc.

    hah oh man... the briefcase. That was funnier when I had the michael douglas falling down avatar awhile back Sorry guys ill edit the original post
  2. mjg

    F/S: p300, tubes, power cables, etc.

    I have the following for sale PS Audio P300 Power Plant multi wave II ** sold These tubes were great with the Single Power Extreme Platinum when I had them. I only tried them a few times and ended up selling the amp. all are matched pairs and confirmed working perfect nos. 2 IBM...
  3. mjg


    Pavel purchased my north star dac. Great transaction.Thanks again
  4. mjg


    purchased my single power extreme platinum amp. Buyer was very responsive, quick payment, and was very kind to offer to pay additional funds under a misunderstanding on shipping costs on my part. Not his responsibility at all, but it goes to show he is a great buyer. thanks again.
  5. mjg


    purchased my set of hhf1's. good guy to deal with, very responsive, quick payment, and over all great buyer.
  6. mjg

    Happy Camper

    Purchased a bunch of tubes from me. Very patient buyer, willing to work with seller. Excellent transaction over all. Thanks!
  7. mjg

    F/S SinglePower Extreme Platinum with upgrades

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gradofan2 It might help interested parties to know... if this is an MPX3 with the Extreme Platinum mods/upgrades, or an authentic Extreme Platinum - since it doesn't have the Extreme Platinum labeling. This amp is exactly what I described it to be...
  8. mjg

    F/S Northstar m192 mk1

    This dac is in excellent shape and sounds great. Has Silver finish. ** Price is $750 shipped.
  9. mjg

    F/S original headphile ebony hhf1

    SOLD !
  10. mjg

    f/s SinglePower Extreme Platinum with upgrades

    bump, added a pic to first post...
  11. mjg

    f/s SinglePower Extreme Platinum with upgrades

    This is a SinglePower Extreme platinum edition with upgrades. The amp is the newer model built earlier this year. It is in NEW condition. Amp was broken in only, most of the hard work is done for you already . Amp has all standard Platinum features including upgraded transformer, black...