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  1. sneaglebob

    Got the sennheiser ie80 and i am dissapointed

    Hi everyone   I recently got the sennheier ie80 as a christmas gift, and these are my first truly high end headphones. However after using them for a day I am disappointed with their performance. To begin with, i can't seem to get a good seal and when I do the iem's will become loose. The bass...
  2. sneaglebob

    Ordered directly from sennheiser, when should they come?

    Hi everyone   I ordered some sennheiser ie80's directly from sennheiser friday night and picked next day air shipping. Now I would like to know when i would get them, I know that ups does not deliver on saturday or sunday so should I get them monday? I still have not recieved a tracking...
  3. sneaglebob

    Does the mp3 player matter?

    Hello everyone   For the past 6 months or so I have been using my sony Xperia tablet S to lisiten to music, I have beats pro. Today I woke up to find out the headphone jack is busted again (this is a major design flaw of the tablet since my other xperia tablets had the same error after...
  4. sneaglebob

    Looking for additional IEM

    Hello everyone   I am currently looking for christmas an IEM to supplement my Beats pro. I'm definitely interested in MTPG and the MTPC. I don't mind less bass impact as long as it overall sounds better. Thanks
  5. sneaglebob

    How to put on ultrasone pro 900??

    I notice that in reviews for pro 900 people point out that its very difficult to put on their headphones properly due to the s logic and I wan't to know if its really that big of an issue. Any instructions will help.
  6. sneaglebob

    Is it unorthodox to compare IEMS to full sized headphones?

    I have beats Pro and I'm considering getting replacements which also include IEM's and my options for those are monster turbine regular and monster turbine pro gold. is it proper to compare them?
  7. sneaglebob

    Amp for Beats Pro?

    *Puts flame suit on*   Hello everyone. I am here today to ask if I can use an amp for my beats pro to make it louder since  out of my phone it is incredibly quiet, as I need to crank it up to full volume just for it to sound comfortable for me and most people. Now I was looking into the...
  8. sneaglebob

    Can I amp the Audio Technica M50 to be as bassy as beats pro?

    *Puts flame suit on*    Hey guys, yesterday was my 15th birthday and I asked my dad if he can get me a pair of Beats pro and he happily did and I love them very much although my dad felt that he was slightly swindled but no matter he didn't complain. Now I absolutely KNOW about headphones...
  9. sneaglebob

    Earsonics SM3 vs UE TF 10 vs Westone 4

    Hello everyone. As some may know already here, I am on a quest to compare many IEMS because I am currently deciding over a wide range of IEMS on which to buy, I would like to know which one is the best out of all of these.   I am looking for   Bass impact and quality. Most basshead...
  10. sneaglebob

    Klipsch Image one vs klipsch mode m40 vs bose ae2

    I'm sorry for mentioning garbage headphone companies but I want to know which one is better.   Which one has more bass impact and better quality and great clear non sibilant highs
  11. sneaglebob

    MTPG insertion depth, does it matter?

    According to the multi IEM review, the monster turbine pro gold is sensitive for insertion depth and I want to know if its true.   And I'm sorry for asking this again but how bass heavy are the turbine golds anyways?
  12. sneaglebob

    Beats pro question. URGENT

    I went to bestbuy and while I was there I wanted to try out the beats pro which was free to be plugged into my device. when I plugged it in, it sounded worse than the beats studio, and I question if its that bad or is it the device which i had it plugged in, which was a small android phone which...
  13. sneaglebob

    Do bose headphones have its VERY OWN sound signature?

    The reason I ask this is because all of the time I hear this advertising that claims for the oe2, ae2, and ie2 headphones to have an "Acoustic design based off years of research"  and I wan't to know if it compares to anything in it's price range, lets say the AE2 to the Audio technica M50?
  14. sneaglebob

    Can someone give me a rundown of audiophile terms?

    For example can someone define:   "Boomy bass"   "Bloated bass"   "Balanced"   "Punchy bass"   "V shaped sound"   "Sibilant"   "Harsh,muddy,treble"   These are only a few that I see everyday here, so if there are any other ones can you please define them?    
  15. sneaglebob

    Monster turbine pro gold vs Monster Miles Davis tribute?

    Hello everyone, I have been looking for a replacement for my Klipsch s4's and I have been looking into the MTPG but I also found out about the Miles Davis tribute which on Amazon happen to be similarly priced but I would like to know if the Miles Davis tributes are only limited to jazz music or...
  16. sneaglebob

    Does a DAC make music sound flat or if not how do they change the sound?

    Does a DAC make the sound freq. sound flat or does it do something else? What does it do anyways?
  17. sneaglebob

    Sony MDR-XB1000 Vs Beats studio

    YES I UNDERSTAND BEATS ARE HATED, BUT HEY I FEEL LIKE BURNING MONEY TODAY.    EDIT: I MEANT TO SAY BEATS PRO   Anyways I am a basshead and after constantly posting question posts about the ultrasone pro 900 i decided to ask about these. Which one of these headphones listed in the title...
  18. sneaglebob

    Do people mistake sibilance in headphones and Iems for good sound quality?

    I notice that in the cnet review of the klipsch image s4 they have given it a rating of 10 out of 10 for performance, which I have never seen before. But to me it does not sound as good as they say, as it is extremely sibilant and the trebles are distorted. I don't see anything deserving a 10...
  19. sneaglebob

    Do you really care if people on the street wear beats or bose headphones?

    I wonder if you guys truly care since most of these people don't like to listen to the truth.
  20. sneaglebob

    Do i really need an amp for the Sony mdr xb1000 Extra bass headphones?

    How would they sound straight out of an android phone or ipod or a computer? 
  21. sneaglebob

    Should we trust CNET headphone reviews?

    Should we? Since I've been seeing the reviews posted by cnet and it seems to be a bit unprofessional or something like that, as in the people reviewing them are not audiophiles.
  22. sneaglebob

    Ultrasone pro 900, can the treble be EQ'ed? Burn time?

    I am hearing rants about the ultrasone pro 900 having a sharp spike of treble or something similar like that. Can an EQ do any good for it?
  23. sneaglebob

    Has anyone find out the freq response for bose headphones or is it still a mystery?

    I notice that bose does not post its frequency response or any other stats but dimensions. Has anyone figured out the frequency range for the bose ae2 and qc15?
  24. sneaglebob

    Audio technica m50 with bass amp?

    I have a quick question about these cans, will buying a cheap fiio headphone amp with bass boost actually make the impact of the bass stronger or something else? I am considering buying the m50's and i listen to hip hop and sometimes drum and bass so I wan't to know if this combination will work...
  25. sneaglebob

    What does DAC and Pre amp mean?

    What does DAC mean? what is this "Pre amp" term I keep hearing around? is it related to amps at all?