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  1. chrisfromalbany

    FS: Sennheiser HD 650 w/XRL Balanced cable (Zu Mobius Cable)

    Selling them on ebay.. Currently building a subwoofers so selling these to fund getting a Tempest-X driver and Bash AMP for home theater. Sennheiser HD 650 Professional Headphones - eBay (item 220260847442 end time Jul-30-08 15:00:00 PDT)
  2. chrisfromalbany

    New Video Ipods are same Video Ipod besides size

    Basically the new V ipods are the same ipods as before with a better video screen. This screen has been released for awhile now, and I have it on a older 5th Ipod I recently returned to Apple for a new Ipod because of a warranty issue. The increase in video playback time is due to this and...
  3. chrisfromalbany

    E500s review from iLounge gives A+

    Sound Like the AKG K701s, the E500s deliver sound that even neutrality-obsessed audiophiles will find acceptably balanced on the high and low ends, with just enough warmth to make music sound richer and better than you last remembered hearing it. This is true even by contrast with the more...
  4. chrisfromalbany

    IEM design (canal Headphones)

    OK think it is a good idea to start a different thread on the topic. Quote: Originally Posted by Sugarfried Thanks for the questions. These questions are not on the topic of the original post, so feel free in the future to either PM me personally or start a new thread so that...
  5. chrisfromalbany

    Jude's comparison of UE-10s E500's

    Quote: Originally Posted by jude Once the UE-10 Pro is properly fitted and seated, you're in for a treat. Because I've been rather mobile this past week, I've been mostly listening to the SHURE E500 and the Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro (both through a 2006 HeadRoom Total BitHead / PCDP...
  6. chrisfromalbany

    Diamond Nights

    Current Single is "The Girls Attractive" Download it and comment on the album or the single. Pretty interesting.. Diamond Nights are supposed to be America's answer to The Darkness. The Darkness came out with their record two...
  7. chrisfromalbany

    UE-10s coming back from servicing

    I got an email from UE that they are shipping back my UE-10s. Ultimate Ears had to replace the treble driver and one damper. I noticed for few months that the treble driver would go out from time to time. At first when walking to work in the cold it cut out(sometimes). That is to say the treble...
  8. chrisfromalbany

    Microsoft might go against (God), I mean the Ipod
  9. chrisfromalbany

    Beat Jahn posting per day

    What is your posting per day average and can anyone beat Jahn who is posting an average over 20 posting a day. Mine is 2.56 posting per day average. What does it mean if yours is really high?
  10. chrisfromalbany

    Best DJ in the World

    I dont see the topic to most here. So I thought I bring the topic up. BTW.. this is DJ mags top 100 for 2005. Tiesto was the top for a few years and now Van Dyk is on top. "In Search of Sunrise 3" was one of Tiesto best mix albums. The...
  11. chrisfromalbany

    Best DJ in the World

    I dont see the topic to most here. So I thought I bring the topic up. BTW.. this is DJ mags top 100 for 2005. Tiesto was the top for a few years and now Van Dyk is on top. "In Search of Sunrise 3" was one of Tiesto best mix albums. The...
  12. chrisfromalbany

    She Wants Revenge

    Post what you think.. Summary... Make no mistake, She Wants Revenge is an album that will demand space in any Joy Division, New Order, Interpol, or Peter Murphy fans collection. The stark, neo-gothic sound might not break any new territory, but the band has chosen the territory they are...
  13. chrisfromalbany

    Madonna - Confessions On A Dance Floor

    Found a review of the album and decided to post it. Enjoyed reading the review.. ANYONE who thought MADONNA might have abdicated as the Queen of Pop can kneel at her throne once more. I’m the first journo IN THE WORLD to have heard her new album – and it is an absolute belter. Confessions On...
  14. chrisfromalbany

    5th Gen case

    So they are taking reorder for cases for the 5th Gen from Speck. Three cases for $30. Anyone else thinking about getting this. Am I reading it right and you get three cases. I would only want one. Anyone want to cut costs if they are giving three...
  15. chrisfromalbany


    Why did he stop posting on here. I see that he was active 6/2005 but has been posting since early this year. Anyone know why?
  16. chrisfromalbany

    Video Ipod reviews on Web

    I wanted to have just one thread with list of all the currently 5th Ipod reviews. If anyone sees a review add the link to the thread and I will add it to the first page. ilounge designtechnica...
  17. chrisfromalbany

    5th Gen. Ipod (finally)

    10/12/05 5th Gen Video Ipod Video Ipod - realtime decoding of MPEG4 30GB. $299 60GB. $399 MPEG4, H.264. 260,000 colors. Video out. New iPods shipping next week. Comes with own CASE 2.5 inch screen 320x240 260,000 colors Sound Q = or better then shuffle (see review from...
  18. chrisfromalbany

    One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

    I was listening to this the other day and I was thinking are there any other Rock songs that are like this. Being they are pretty long and have nice guitar solo or solos in the middle. Radar Long - Golden Earing Twilight Zone - Golden Earing come to mind or maybe Working Man - Rush...
  19. chrisfromalbany

    Shpongle Track Favorites..

    Basically, I am interested in see what people think of there favorite tracks from this group. List the album & track. One of my favorites is "Divine Moments of Truth" from "Are You Shpongled?" maybe it is the progression at the end of the song that I like.
  20. chrisfromalbany

    Best Rock or Mainstream Music for Elite headphones

    I was interested in hearing what people listened to with good headphones and couldnt believe the details they were missing. Example.. I was listening to Paul Simon's "Last in the Evening" and didn't know there was so much going on until I recently heard it again. So I am looking for...
  21. chrisfromalbany

    DACs listed Best to Worst

    Here is my list of DACs rated from best (1) to worst (11) 1) Make your own list 2) Comment on yours or others In that order.. These are my preferences from all that I have read. Top Tier _______ 1)Benchmark DAC1 ($975, external, small headphone amp included) 1b)Apogee Mini-DAC...
  22. chrisfromalbany

    Best Live (recording quality) last 10 years

    I was looking for some suggestions are great live albums of the past ten years. Again this would have to be great performance and great quality recording as well. Thanks -Chris A number of the MTVs unplugged come to mind and some DMB live albums as well.
  23. chrisfromalbany

    EMU 1212 vs. EMU 1212M

    Is there a difference between these two models. If so what is the difference. I see the EMU 1212M going for $200 but the EMU 1212 going for $170. Don't to buy the 1212 and find out that it isn't as good as the 1212M. Thanks -Chris
  24. chrisfromalbany

    MS-2 = love vs. MS-PROs <> love

    Why is it that everyone loves the MS-2s but I rarely hear about the MS-Pros. I have read the reviews, I am just wondering why I always see people suggesting the MS-2s but I very rarely see anyone suggesting the MS-pros. Generally you hear the RS-1s suggested as upgrade from the 325i or MS2s...
  25. chrisfromalbany

    Audigy 2 ZS vs. HeadRoom Micro DAC vs. (Put in your favorite)

    OK so now that the headphone category is done for me for awhile at least. And I looking at getting a Earmax Pro, boy do I have good taste.. lol.. The source is becoming the weakness. And we all know what that means.. Chris needs spend MONEY.. So anyways.. I would like to bring my "computer...