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  1. maxmays1

    Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

    So many people are complaining about the qualifying without even trully understanding why the change was done. AS of now, both races were really good.
  2. maxmays1

    Sony Xperia Z5 Headphones putting my premium headphones to shame?

    I've been absent from this site for a while now since my last major headphone purchase (Sony MDR-EX1000) has been serving me extremely well for almost 4 years. Over the last year or so i have been treating those like garbage and as such the quality has diminished, mostly because of the cords...
  3. maxmays1

    Charter Oak SP-1: I'm Impressed!

    Are these any different from the German Maesto's? they look to be the exact same thing. Just wandering if anyone knows.
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    Who still has the Sony SA5000?

    Quote: Very nice. By the way how long did it take to do the the re-cable?
  5. maxmays1

    Who still has the Sony SA5000?

    ------------------------------------------- I think you may have over judged my statement. I never said 1500mw was the nominal rating, i stated that, that power can be produced at it's Nominal OHM level being 70ohms. As you may very well know these power ratings are not measured through out an...
  6. maxmays1

    Who still has the Sony SA5000?

    Quote: the power rating is not the same as db/mw rating nor are they slightly measured the same.   But your reply answers my pondering of why people think these have the problem they have.  So thanks, i think i'll approve of these with a proper amp.
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    Who still has the Sony SA5000?

    Quote:   1500mw is the amount of power the sa5000 can handle at its nominal ohm level before distortion. all headphones (drivers for that matter) have a rated power level, wether its listed in specs or not. mw being milliwatt= 1000ths of a watt. Correct me if i'm wrong. 
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    Who still has the Sony SA5000?

    Quote: compared to what other headphones?
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    Who still has the Sony SA5000?

    Quote: i cant see how 1500mw drivers at 70ohms is simply easy. That may be the reason why people think they have an overly high treble, undercutting power can have that effect certainly on a stiff diaphragm. But for clarification the CI VHP is the Ciaudio VHP-(2)? that's what i find when i...
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    Reply to review by 'maxmays1' on item 'Sony MDR-SA5000 DJ Stereo Headphones'

    Question. what amp(s) do you use for these?
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    Have a neck issue. Need a light weight open can.

    Quote: maybe so. why does the Japanese import very so much in price from the stock version. Its around a $70 difference online.
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    Looking For A new pair of OPEN over the Ears cans and proper AMP to match. Mid range price

    So i have been a Beyer users for quiet some time now, using almost all of the Recent DT series with a mix of amps. but i have been looking for a new sound lately. I like the sound of the Beyerdynamics as they work great with a host of sounds, but i'm starting to get annoyed with Neutral tonal...
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    YAMAHA YH-5M pictorial - "Form follows function"

    looks like something out the matrix
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    Have a neck issue. Need a light weight open can.

    i cant recommend the Beyers as they dont really seem that light. They are pretty tight on the head and are kind of side heavy. so if your leaning your neck at any angle you will start to feel the pressure.  Maybe the T50's or DT 1350's will work(if you want Beyerdynamics), as those are probably...
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    Balanced amp for Beyerdynamic T1

    Quote: What source were you using for both amps?
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    First audio rig, need some help.

    Quote: good choice
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    Do amps really have different signatures?

    Quote:  hahahaha!!!! sauccyyyy sound.
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    3.5 mm vs 6.5 mm (big difference?)

    It depends. The purpose for the 6.5mm originally was the fact more current was passed through the lines(larger gauge wire), the jack sizes continued to become smaller as the purity of wires became higher as well as certain design flaws were fixed(not twisted, bent or stripped lines) and your...
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    What book are you reading right now?

    MS-dos command lines Ubuntu Linux toolbox Unix command lines other various hacker theory info.
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    My Theory on Balanced vs Single Ended for High/Low Impedance Headphones

    Quote: Correct. It's an improper practice but the negative terminal of a battery is termed as ground in most mobile applications, or the use of DC power, and or positive charged batteries(As it is rare you will find negative charged batteries). But in this case it kind of makes sense...
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    First audio rig, need some help.

    Power, consistency, the STX is AC powered oppose to the Fiio it has to be kept charged, as for all most all mobile media devices when the battery starts to diminish in energy you will starts to slowly and not always noticeably lose volume gain. unlike with the STX it is always charged and with...
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    First audio rig, need some help.

    Quote: I'm having a hard time agreeing to your argument. Being that i have used both the k701's and the hd 600, and own almost all variants of the DT line headphones, i found the Sennheisers to be the most difficult to drive on any normal media player output(computer,cell phone, media...
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    Beyerdynamic T90 Discussion and Support Thread

    Quote: ^same. i think i will still save up for the t1's though. i think the t1 will hit 1k flat buy the end of the year.(hopefully!) considering there still making them. hopefully they wont go the discontinued route so that can keep the price high.
  24. maxmays1

    My Theory on Balanced vs Single Ended for High/Low Impedance Headphones

    I'm aware. some people just refer as the negative signal as ground. and since there is this ambiguous argument of what balances really is i thought i'd clarify.