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  1. rextrade

    ipod playlists--organizing by album?

    Is there anyway to create a manual ipod playlist where it will list the albums on the playlist, as opposed to the songs? I use itunes to organize my music. I have a bad habit of buying a bunch of cds, and then forgetting I have them, and I want to just put them onto one ipod playlist; but...
  2. rextrade

    Wow, the RIAA Really Needs to be Stopped
  3. rextrade

    Really basic question about soundcards.

    Really, really basic question--I've searched this forum and am still a bit confused. It seems like most here use computers and soundcards for gaming with headphones, but that's not really what I need. What I want is very simple. I have too many CDs taking up space, so I want to rip everything...
  4. rextrade

    FS--Shure E4 from factory

    SOLD Sent my damaged E4s in to get fixed and received a new pair in the box (not sure if they are technically new, or refurbished, but they are in a sealed box). Decided, like last time I sent a pair of hps in to get fixed, to sell these an try something else out (can't resist the e500s!)...
  5. rextrade

    Why are we afraid??

    This thread will be closed soon, I'm sure, but why all the fear of record companies. A thread that was discussing how to legally rip a CD and get around Sony's annoying copy protection was closed for some reason. What? I can understand closing a how to get illegal music thread, but this closing...
  6. rextrade

    ipod line out and cranked volume

    I've heard before on this forum that the ipod volume turned all the way up is effectively (or actually) the same thing as a line out on the the ipod. Just did a quick comparison using a pocket dock, and it does not pretty damn close, if not the same, to my ears. This is just a quick test I did...
  7. rextrade


    Sold him my 5s. Smooth transaction, with a superfast payment and great communication. Highly recommended.
  8. rextrade

    FS--Super.Fi 5 Pro--2 weeks old

    SOLD Price drop-- Selling two week old pair of 5 pros. Perfect condition with all accessories. I only used one set of tips. I will send the Guitar Center receipt with the earphones. I love the sound of these with my 4G ipod, but I've decided to try to get money together for a...
  9. rextrade

    Ipod 5G--No Firewire--What???

    I'm sure this has been covered here before, but I made an impulse purchase of the 5G ipod, plugged it into the firewire port of my powerbook, and learned that firewire doesn't work? Why the $*$^ would Apple do that. I'll probably take this thing back now, although I'm transferring 5000 songs...
  10. rextrade

    Boards of Canada--getting closer
  11. rextrade

    Tom Waits--Franks Wild Years

    How did I make it this long in life without really listening to this guy? Thanks to this board (and Blessingx letting me listen to a nice compilation) I bought Franks Wild Years, and all I can say it WOW. Great songs, wildly original presentation without being weird for weird's sake. I can't...
  12. rextrade

    Top 5 Albums of 2005 (first half)

    Since the year is [almost] half over, I think it's high time to start the pointless list thread of the top five albums of the 2005 (so far). I actually think it's been a decent year for new music. Here's my list, in no particular order: 1. Decemberists--Picaresque 2. LCD Soundsystm--LCD...
  13. rextrade

    Ipod EQ--why no hacks?

    Keep in my mind, I know nothing about the computer stuff behind how the ipod (or anything else) works, but I've always wondered why someone can't write a program to transfer iTunes user programmed eq settings to the ipod? Is it something about the hardware in the ipod that makes this impossible...
  14. rextrade

    another just got Ety er-4 thread

    This is a thread that's been done a thousand times, I know, but none of my friends (and especially my girlfriend, who doesn't understand why I would spend $30, let a lone $300 for a pair of headphones) will listen to me. I just got the ety er-4p's, and all I can say is: wow!. I'm sitting here at...