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    Need suggestions for best bang for my buck?

    How bout some alessandro ms1's? - *Alessandros=made by grado* They can be had for $100usd with shipping included I think. I've heard its a great bang-for-buck headphone. I know I was torn between ms1's and sr60's when wanting to purchase, but went with the sr60's. From what I've been hearing...

    I just bought some SR-60's and KSC-75's. I want more.

    How bout another grado since you love your sr60's so much. The sr225's are a vast improvement on all aspects the sr60's have and can be had for $200usd. Too bad you missed the boat on the hf-1's. I've heard its been an awesome deal and headphone all around this forum.

    1GB Flash-based players

    Another vote for a cowon iaudio player. Theres g3, u2 and u3's coming out soon. It should be good. Theres also iriver, u10, t10 and t30. I'd go for iaudio though due to their good filmware updates opposed to iriver's once in a blue moon new filmware.

    New home rig, almost completed. (56k warning)

    Wow... beautiful rig. I'm totally diggin the x5 haha. I want one SUPER badley... *looks inside wallet and cries*

    GRADO SR-60

    I've never looked back after my purchase. They're just awesome for their price. In fact, I'm listening to them right now. Ahhh Grado pleasure

    where can i buy a headphone in vancouver?

    Yea, buying Grado's in Canada are expensive. There is one place that I know of downtown, its called hifi centre near the Granville skytrain station. Here the site

    convince me to buy grado.

    Just listen to a pair. That'll convince you right off the bat.

    Ety4 Sleeves in Vancouver

    Not sure about Vancouver, but according to theres an etymotic dealer in the South Surrey area, I think Whalley area. They can be contact at 604-542-9669. Their sites

    iPod nano screen cracking problems

    Hmmm... Apple's quality has been going down ever since they released the 4g. Its quite disappointing...

    Could you help me out on what headphones to buy?

    There is a bass difference between the two but not such a big one from the sr60's to justify spending $25 more for the sr80's.

    Short Review: iAudio X5XL 30GB DAP

    Good review. I am looking closely at this player and have been looking for all the info I can get. Wow, the battery life is nuts on this thing maybe I'll get enough money by Christmas to get one of these.

    best canalphones under $100 CAN?

    Everythings basically a rip here in Canada... even the ex71's, they're around $80/$90 cdn. I highly recommend getting some canal phones on the net from either or I've ordered from discountearphones and the shipping was great. Since your considering...

    E2C vs. Grado SR60

    Based just on SQ, the sr60's blow the e2c's away without a doubt.

    Best i can do for £30?

    Go with the px100's. Its much more portable and sounds awesome.

    Anyone know how these headphones sound?

    Whoa, I was planning on getting some Grado's. Looks like i'll get those instead!

    Completely torn...

    Between the Alessandro MS-1's and Grado sr-60's. I've been researching, contemplating, and comparing these two headphones. I'll be sold on one, read up on the other then change my mind completely. I've does this numerous times now. I know, its another Alessandro vs Grado thread but I really need...

    This is really what soundstage is...

    Wow, that is really realistic. Its pretty creepy too.

    Can the Shure E2c stand up to the Etymotic ER6i??

    Out of preference and what I listen too, I enjoy the e2c's better. I find them better suited for alternative, rock, hip-hop and rap, which I mostly listen too. It usually depends on what your musical tastes are. The e2c's suit mine.

    2GB+ Flash Players?

    Wrongs thread oops.

    What should I get-Shure E3,E2,Etymotic...

    Quote: Originally Posted by The Monkey Even the E4's are out of my price range. Still looks like E3 for me. Hmm, I recommend getting the e4'c even if they are out of your price range. Just wait the extra weeks or months. Once you get the e3, you'll start wondering what the next...

    which mp3 player should i buy? (non-ipod)

    IMO, the iRiver H10 is the best 5gb player right now. The removable battery is awesome and the SQ is great. There is also a 5 band EQ.

    Please respon quick Shure headphones

    Same here. When I got mine, I just put them in and started listening.

    Creative Nano's...

    There was just a review and impression a while ago. Do a search and look at the review. Its got some pics too.