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  1. Rob N

    Still any love for the Grado PS-1

    Got my balanced pair out of storage (serial no 46) still sound very good to me
  2. Rob N

    Nixie tube spectrum analyser

    Nixie tube spectrum analyser
  3. Rob N

    Custom Nixie single tube clock

    Uses a custom made Nixie tube which is 4.5" tall and 2" diameter
  4. Rob N

    Ifi Audio DC iPurifier

    A new ipurifier from Ifi Audio,has anyone tried it??
  5. Rob N

    Original Joe Grado flat pads

    I just checked on some that I had stored from some of the HP1 and HP2 phones that I have bought over the last 10 yrs and all but one pair of NOS ones have disintegrated Has anyone got any that are still intact?
  6. Rob N

    Airport Express optical out

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but what do people think of the quality of the AE optical out?
  7. Rob N

    Stefan Audioart Endorphin cables

    Has anyone has experience of the power cables and interconnects?
  8. Rob N

    Grado PS-1

    Anyone still using these?   Still my favourite 'modern' Grado
  9. Rob N

    WE 300B

    Is there any diffence in sound between the new production ones? I've heard that some think the ones made in 2008 just before production stopped sound the best as some QC issues had been sorted out that may have affected earlier years.
  10. Rob N

    Full HD screen on a laptop?

    Is 1920 x 1080 worth it on a 15-16" screen? DELL offer RGB LED full HD 16:9 screens,has anyone seen these? Will text be too small?
  11. Rob N

    Iphone 3G/S 3G reception

    I've read that the Iphone doesn't have very good 3G reception both in the US and UK compared to other phones. What's you experience? I'm in the UK and at home I have no 3G coverage.At work I should have coverage (according to O2) but I can only get GPRS or EDGE.A number of people at work...
  12. Rob N

    PS-1 vs PS1000 with flat pads

    I’ve tried this and found that it is possible to listen to the PS-1000’s with flats.Comfort is not great,the sound is much less forward than with the PS-1‘s,bass is huge (too much) and the treble is more detailed and cleaner,soundstage is bigger.It’s more neutral overall than the PS1’s in fact...
  13. Rob N

    EML 300B

    Which is the best EML to go for? 300B 300B mesh 300B XLS
  14. Rob N

    iPod touch and Youtube

    Over the past few days I have been unable to connect to Youtube with the Youtube App.It says loading but eventually gives up saying it cannot connect. If I use Safari and go to the Youtube site I can open the main page but if I try to search it eventually comes up with the message that Safari...
  15. Rob N

    WA5-LE tube choices

    I will soon be getting this amp from a fellow Head-Fier.The unit has premium parts upgrade and stock tubes. I was thinking about tube upgrades.I have alot of 6SN7's mostly 1940's-1950's including TS RP-oval and round mica,Syl - metal,tallW,shortW,bad boys etc,National Union grey & black,Ken...
  16. Rob N

    MZ-RH1 vs JA555ES

    What's the sound quality of this MD player llike compared to a HiFi seperate like the the old JA555es?
  17. Rob N

    Audiogon gone?

    It was there yesterday
  18. Rob N

    Noisy 6SN7 socket

    What's the best way to cure this? I have intermittent cracking on one socket,tube pins are clean and I have tried different tubes sometimes it's okay for 20-30 mins
  19. Rob N

    LM Ericsson 2c51 gold pin

    Has anyone used these in any Singlepower amps? Are they worth the extra cost over normal steel pin ones?
  20. Rob N

    Kemp DC X-Terminator

    Has anyone tried this? Kemp Elektroniks - Power DC X-terminator If so how do you rate it.
  21. Rob N

    Vinyl - DMM

    Has anyone got any DMM (Direct Metal mastering) LPs? From the back of one I have here:- "The groove is cut directly in copper metal.Transient response is greatly improved.DMM yields better detail resolution and a lower noise ratio.Remastered direct from the original master tapes and...
  22. Rob N

    Vista 32bit and 4GB RAM?

    Is it worth putting 4GB in Vista 32bit? I know that Vista now recognises 4GB but can it actually use it
  23. Rob N

    Is this a new record?

    Grado PS1 Headphones - eBay (item 260246796699 end time Jun-08-08 08:45:54 PDT) Sorry if this has already been posted
  24. Rob N

    Ensemble Dirondo Drive/HiDac for 2 week trial

    Here's some pics
  25. Rob N

    TW Acustic Raven TT

    Has anyone had experience of either the RAven AC or the Raven One? In the UK the Raven One is £2600 while the 50kg Raven AC is £6500 I know one person who has the Raven AC with Graham arm and he thinks it's the best he's heard even beating some mega expensive decks